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The Secret Life of Bee's !

No description

Ja'Meka Johnson

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of The Secret Life of Bee's !

Secret Life of
Bee's !

Basic Literary Elements !
Setting: Lily's House She Grew Up In, The Woods, And The Boatwright's House.
Characters: Lily, August, May, June, Boatwright, Rosaleen, Zach, Debroh,
Conflict: Lily Wanted To Find Out More About Her Mother.
Point Of View: 3rd Person the author tells the story.
Tone: There were more than one tone. There was an Abusive tone to begin with. Then it became Happy and Joyful in the end.
Mood: The mood was Angry, Sad, Regretful, and in the end Happy.

Figurative Language !
Personification:It describes a thing as a human: On Page 97 August Says, "Finally I walked to the window and gazed out at the peach tree stretching halfway to North Carolina, the way they held up their leafy arms in gestures of pure beseeching."

Simile:A comparison using the words like or as: On Page 39 Lily Says, "The night seemed like an inkblot I had to figure out".
Hyperbole:An exaggeration: On Page 101 Lily says, She was black as could be, twisted like driftwood from being out in the weather, her face a map of all the storms and journeys she'd been through.
Metephor:A comparison without using like or as: On Page 101 Lily Says,"The world is a great big log thrown on the fires of love

Summaries !
Conclusion !
I can connect to this story in the ways the Boatwright sisters bonded. They argued a lot, cried a lot, and went through a whole lot of trials and tribulations but, at the end of the day they were there for each other and there was much love. I can connect because me and my sister do all of these things, but at the end of the day we have no choice but to love each other! I recommend you to read this book because it's very interesting. It explains the life of a teenager who wants to know more about her deceased mother. Living with her abusive father that only tell her lies of her mother. Feeling unloved she runs away with her maid Rosaleen. Somehow she went to the Boatwrights house and they changed her life. This story really make you think about life and the value of it and how blessed many are to have mothers. Thats why I would recommend you to read it.
Chapters 1,2,3
Chapters 1,2,and 3 explains Lily's beginning life. When Lily was smaller her dad and mother had a fight. In this fight her mother was reaching for the gun. Her mother couldn't reach the gun so she got it and shot. Boom ! Next thing you know Lily Finds out she shot her mother. Lily was living with her abusive father T-Ray in till one day Lily and her maid Rosaleen went into town. They were confronted by a couple of white gentleman. They insulted Rosaleen about her literacy. Rosaleen proved them wrong by spelling out her name with her spit. She then went to jail but beating so bad she had to go t the hospital. Lily snuck into the hospital snuck Rosaleen out and they raned away.
Chapter 5
This chapter explains when Lily and Rosaleen arrives at the Boatwrights. Telling the Boatwrights they need somewhere to live. Not telling them the full truth, Lily lies. She says that her mother is dead and her father is to! That she was trying to get to her aunt on a train. The Boatwrights says yes, eventhough they know that Lily is in some type of trouble. August Boatwrights states that 'She Have To Do This" Knowing exactly who Lily is. Not for free . Lily has to help with the bee's while Rosaleen works in the kitchen.
Chapter 12
In this Chapter Lily explains to August the truth about her mother and father. She says she regret coming because she's cost trouble. August tells Lily what she have been wanting to know for years. About her mother. August tells Lilly she was her mothers nanny. She explained to Lily about how her mother drifted when she married T-Ray. She told Lily that then her mother started back writing her. That she sent her mother train tickets to come back with her. Lily's mother came back to the Boatswright but unfortunately Lily wasn't with her. Thats when her mother went back home trying to pack and get Lily but T-Ray wouldn't let her and thats when Lily got te gun and shot her mother, not knowing she shot her mother. Thinking, it was T-Ray
Sister Love !
This image depicts the scene where the girls are all playing in the water. Finally having a good smile. Finally getting time to have a little fun and joy. This is a very happy and great moment for the girls because all they go through and have to deal with they finally have a moment where everyone is smilin
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