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East and SE Asia Unit Visuals #2

No description

Taylor Rankin

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of East and SE Asia Unit Visuals #2

East and SE Asia #2 Preview: Why do countries want to join trade unions like the EU, NAFTA, and ASEAN? The World's Major Powers Influences of Power:
country territory
armed forces
physical features
education levels
economic production Can you think of some examples of a time when there was an "imbalance of power"? Balance of Power = if one country becomes too strong, other countries will band together against it. International Relations United States China Russia Japan large land area
natural resources
high standards of living
technology pioneer
largest economy major superpower after WW2
large and advanced military
transitioning to free enterprise
2nd largest stock of nuclear weapons high education standards
economic strength largest pop and army
now welcome foreign investment and tech.
30% state-run businesses
fastest growing economy How can countries cooperate to combat world-wide illnesses like the Bird Flu, HIV, or cholera? Association of South East Asian Nations Islam Review For each section, highlight a similarity and difference Check yours... Philippines Indonesia Indonesia Vietnam Philippines Vietnam should be something close to this... Now do this part. Complete sentences! Use this map for your Preview: the percentage of people who can read/write the amount of baby deaths per 1000 born Indonesia and Vietnam Japan and South Korea high GDP
High literacy rate
low infant mortality high life expectancy
free government low GDP
higher infant mortality
lower life expectancy
less free government (Vietnam) Hong Kong Apartment Capsule Hotel Japanese "Subway Pusher" Population Density Effects in Asia Silk Road video
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