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No description

Nicholas Tan

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Mkting

Products Competitive Advantage Marketing Strategies Funding Analysis Report Vision
To be a leading online fashion retailer, with a twist Mademoiselle IT1004 Presentation SWOT Analysis Competitive Analysis
(Porter's 5 Forces) Industry Market
Opportunity Booming growth
Advanced tech An increased demand of corporate
wear or apparel that is suitable for work
from 45.7% in 2007 to 82.5% in 2012 Strengths Opportunities Threats Weaknesses Dynamic prices
Good quality
Design-your-own-clothes Newcomer
Design-your-own-clothes Increasing amount of online-shoppers
More platforms to sell from
Targeting a different segment
Design-your-own-clothes Low barrier of entry
Already a lot of players on the market
Not enough fundings Threat of New Entry Bargaining Power of Supplier Rivalry among Competitors Threat of Substitutes Bargaining Power of Buyer/Consumer Threats of entries due to low cost setup LOW bargaining power As an individual, bargaining power is LOW Mission
To PROVIDE good quality and stylish clothes at an affordable price
To CREATE a platform for creative expressions
To GIVE customers a stake in the clothes they buy Done and presented by:

Sheila Loh
Kimberly Yeo
Vesal Fayazi
Nicholas Tan Value Proposition Customers Value Proposition A new kind of blogshop where laypeople can shop create their own designs send them in vote for their favourite design see them manufactured in future collections! 1. Low Price produce clothes at a low cost a lower price for our clothes 2. Designer Clothes Fashion designers or anybody who is interested in fashion design send their entries to us we filter the entries voucher of $8 to spend in the next collection - attracts customers and designers-to-be
- allows customers to create the demand
- designers-to-be can use Mademoiselle to display their works
- no other blogshops have this special component --> Can potentially draw large crowds Product Good quality clothes Price Range from $40-$100 Promotion www.a-mod.com.sg Corporate page on facebook Advertisement on famous fashion blogs Exit Plan 1. Sell Mademoiselle to individuals
2. Acquisition by larger companies
like Zalora and KissJane
3. Merger with another company Presence of threat
in the initial phase Working Women Business wear You will get a STAKE
in choosing what gets to
APPEAR in future collections!! S$89,000 3. Design-your-own-clothes
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