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PP1 Transmedia Presentation: Doctor Who

No description

Michael Sarlo

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of PP1 Transmedia Presentation: Doctor Who

Michael Sarlo & Jenny Bae DOCTOR WHO
A Transmedia Case Study Through Time and Relative Dimensions in Space Thanks For Listening, Goodbye! Sci-fi = Best Transmedia Genre? Doctor...Who? We kid, we kid... :) -Began in 1963 (50th Anniversary this year :D )
on the BBC

-In the Guiness book of records for longest running sci-fi series

-BAFTA and several other awards

-Broadcast in over 50 countries

- A time-traveller known only as the "Doctor"(William Hartnell)

-Went on Hiatus in 1989

-Was made into a Movie which failed horribly...

-Made a comeback in 2005

-Is still airing and has become one of the biggest shows Come with us on a journey through time and space... The Timelord With Two Hearts -From a planet known as Gallifrey. Over 900 years old.

-The last of his kind(Kind of) and powerful

-Belongs to a race known as "Gallifreyans" or "Time lords". An ancient race with time manipulation powers.

-Has 2 hearts (which has been used as a plot driver)

-Escaped from Gallifrey (Reason unknown) The Doctors (11) "A new aesthetic that has emerged in response to media convergence’, where audiences act as ‘hunters and gatherers, chasing down bits of the story across media channels’ – a participatory process that can potentially result in a ‘richer entertainment experience’" (Jenkins) Transmedia Universe "BBC Online (later renamed BBCi and then simply bbc.co.uk) spent considerable amounts of money developing its brand-specific products during the first years of the 21st century and this included a section devoted to its ‘cult’ television output, a diverse collection of content that ranged from the children’s programme Bagpuss to the space opera Blake’s 7. The BBC Cult site17 also included an area devoted to Doctor Who" (Perryman, 2008) The TARDIS & Sonic Screwdriver Books and Audio Torchwood and Sarah Jane Succesful Platforms What makes it successful? Failed Platforms: Tardisodes & Movie The New Audience Audience Reception and Demographic Thank you :) What is Transmedia? Product Universe The Companions The Enemies Le User Journey -Sci-Fi is strongy influenced by Technology "Science fiction...deals with the response of human beings to changes in the level of science and technology" - Isaac Asimov(Prolific Sci-Fi writer and all round top bloke) -Sci-fi always contains a large amount of "Progressive Complications" Regeneration :D TARDIS- TIME AND RELATIVE DIMENSIONS IN SPACE
A time-travel device that broke, thus maintaining its 1960's Police box look(To blend in when the series started)
-It's bigger on the inside A weapon and all-round tool for doing everything, yet nothing at all
(Doesn't do anything to wood) Countless companions, countless story arcs Exterminaaaateee.....exterminaaatee!! -The shift from Cult Television to Transmedia Goodness in 2005 -First Novelisation in around 1965
-First Radio play titled 'Doctor Who and the Pescatons' in 1976
-First comic strip around the 1960's "With Doctor Who, we had four million gaming downloads within weeks, which basically matches what a regular episode would get. With Being Human, half the audience came through heavily marketed TV channels and the other came through our iPlayer and catch-up services.

I think transmedia is a great opportunity because brands really want to have an intimate relationship with their consumers.I’m excited that brands are seriously getting into commissioning content and that there are amazing international collaborative projects breaking through and reaching millions." (Rosie Allimonos from BBC, 2011) "Right from the start I wanted Doctor Who to have a genuine simplicity. And I’ve seen too many sci-fi story arcs disappear up their own back-reference, forcing the audience into the groves of the cult, far away from the glittering lights of primetime. And yet, and yet, and yet . . . Couldn’t there be something for the faithful viewer? Some reward for staying all 13 weeks?" (Russell T. Davies, 2005) -Open-ended
-Strong environment
-Positive themes
-Polarising events
-Narrative gaps
-Elements of fantasy
-External conflict -Torchwood aired in 2006, achieving a high rating of 2.4 million viewers.
-Captain Jack Harkness is a con-man from the future. Companion of the doctor from the 2005 series.
-Used Doctor Who episode as plot device to start series (Cardiff Rift)
-Darker and more mature than Doctor Who -The Sarah Jane Adventures aired in 2007
-Highly Successful
-Sarah Jane was Baker's(4th Doctor) companion only to meet The 10th Doctor in the 2005 series
-11-15 age demographic -"Pond Life"
Made for the 1st episode of Season 7
-Released over 5 days
-Over a million views on Youtube -Book entitled "The Angel's Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery" was key in an episode of Doctor Who
-The book then was written and sold in the 'real world' -Doctor Who Online

"traditional promotional fare, including trailers, publicity photos, wall- paper images, and mobile phone ring tones, but the official website also offered broad- band video clips, ranging from mini-documentaries and interviews, to full repeats of the BBC3 companion programme Doctor Who Confidential, as well as podcasted episode commentaries and Flash-based mini-games." (Perryman,2008) "Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experiences. Ideally, each medium makes its own unique contribution to the unfolding of the story" - Jenkins
(From his blog "Confessions of an Aca-Fan") -Movie released in 1996-Set in America-The quintessential English Doctor Who was destroyed-Horrible reviews-Introduced ideas that fans did not accept "In reality, the TARDISodes performed extremely poorly on the mobile phone platform. Speaking at the International Broadcasting Conference’s ‘Media on the Move’ panel in September 2006, Stella Creasey, the BBC’s head of audience research, revealed that they only attracted an average of 3,000 phone downloads per episode (a total of 40,000 across the entire 13-week run of the series)" (Perryman, 2008) -Tardisodes were available for free or mobile phone subscription of £2
-Failed due to incompatibilities with hardware(Phone)
-Commercial Issue "ABC iView has proved a huge success, with more than 112,000 views over the weekend of the Australian premiere of the cult series online and a further 1,033,000 tuning in to the Sunday night screening on ABC1and a free-to-air share of 18.6%. Doctor Who’s launch on ABC iView also resulted in the catch up tv service receiving its biggest boost to visitor numbers." (ABC)
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