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Rachael Leggett

on 3 February 2015

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Preliminary Material 2015
Questions in Section B

will be based upon
this scenario
Ben is a 17 year old amateur gymnast who is studying for his
A-Levels in the sixth form.
He also volunteers in a local primary school where he runs sports sessions and competitions for the students at lunchtimes.
He trains for six days a week at a gymnastic facility, which is equipped with the latest equipment and technology.
Ben began gymnastics at primary school and has been on the National Talent Programme since the age of 14.
A-level course
What knowledge could be gained to help improve performance
What is the difference?
Extra curricular activities
What impact can Ben have on the primary school children?
Why are these important in the development of sport?
Youth Sport Trust
Developing leadership and volunteering programmes
What are the benefits of school competitions?
Youth Sport Trust
Youth Sport Trust try to manage competitions at 4 levels
Level 1

for all students
in school
Level 2

for individual and teams
that are selected to
represent the school
Level 3

County multi-sport

Sainsbury's School Games festivals
Level 4

Sainsbury's School Games

Final event of competition
As a result of recent success in competitions, he has been included in the World Class Podium Potential Programme.
Ben follows a strict training routine and diet set by his coach
Ben has a small group of friends who are not involved in sport. He is spending less time with them as his training time increases.
Ben has a shy personality and often suffers from anxiety when competing in major competitions
Ben has represented Great Britain at the European Junior Gymnastics Championships.
He hopes to emulate Louis Smith, an Olympic gymnastics medalist, by competing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
School influences
What got Ben interested in gymnastics?
National Talent Programme
British Gymnastics is pleased to announce the imminent launch of an exciting new programme, funded in partnership with UK Sport and Sport England, to increase the quality and size of the gymnastics talent pool across England and Northern Ireland
The programme will also articulate and enable a smooth transition of talented gymnasts into British Gymnastics High Performance Squads
Performance Pathway
To ensure that the UK’s most talented athletes have every chance of realising their full potential, UK Sport has created the World Class Programme
World Class
Supporting athletes with realistic medal winning capabilities at the next Olympic/Paralympic Games (i.e. a maximum of four years away from the podium)
Podium Potential
These are athletes whose performances suggest that they have realistic medal winning capabilities at the subsequent Olympic and Paralympic Games (i.e. a maximum of eight years away from the podium)
Training Programme
What would be a good type of training for Ben to use?
Could you design a training programme for him?
What aspects of training will need to be developed?
What facilities would be available?
How can access to facilities aid performance and development
Equipment & Technology
How can technology be used to enhance performance?
What is the latest equipment that can be used to improve training?
Ben will have access to a nutritionist through his World Class Programme
Could you provide a sample diet plan for Ben?
What impact would a strict training programme have on Ben?
What impact do peers have on participation?
What other influences are there?
Is Ben healthy?
Social wellbeing?
Has Ben's introvert personality effected what sport he has chosen to participate in?
Factors of performance
How could anxiety affect performance?
Positive and negative?
What type of competition layout is the European Gymnastics Championships?
What effect will his training and competition have on his studies?
Role Models
Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy - Role models in sport
Importance of role models
Shaping attitudes
Role models and Popularity
What recent events have enhanced the popularity of gymnastics?
The World Class Programme covers all funded summer and winter Olympic and Paralympic sports, and operates at two distinct levels:
Balancing Act
School work
Diet plans
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