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Healthy food choises

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Cindy Lin

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Healthy food choises

Food choices
Our managers, from all four food groups had chosen 3 meals from their food group. The food groups are fruits and vegetables, dairy products, grain products and meat and alternatives.
Our head chef had made a 3 meals using the ingredeiants the managers chose. Here is the list of meals:
Chicken Fried rice
Whole wheat wrap
We are sure that these meals are good and healthy.
Healthy Food Choices
Lucky 4 (the restaurant)
Hello costumers, welcome to our restaurant, we'll be here to make some healthy and nutritious meals according to the food choices in our Canadian food guide. The meals would be healthy, balanced and delicious !
Chicken Fried Rice
This meal consists of:
rice ( prefer brown rice)
green peas
oyster sauce
salt and pepper
Drinks: water
Whole wheat wraps
This meal consists of:
baking powder
and any other vegetables
Drink: apple juice

Chicken Fried rice has fruits and vegetables, meat and alternative, grain products. The fruits and vegetables reduce risks of cancer and gives you all the healthy nutrients like vitamins and minerals. The meat that are in this meal will give you the nutrients like protein and iron. The grain will give you the nutrients like iron, zinc and vitamin B. In total this meal costs $6.50.
This meal is good for you because it provides iron vitamin B, and zinc. Vitamin B helps release energy from carbohydrates and iron is a lively component of re blood cells and it releases energy from your body. in total this meal costs $3.65
This meal consists
-whole wheat bread
-whole wheat cracker
Drinks:strawberry&banana smoothie

The egg provides protein and some vitamins and minerals. The beef provides protien too. Cucumber contains low calorie and good it is a good source of potassium. strawberry banana smoothie provides vitamin C and it has low calorie. Whole wheat bread and cracker provides fiber and protein.
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