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Greek Heroes and Legends

No description

gabby turner

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Greek Heroes and Legends

Greek Heroes and Legends
Olivia Suarez and Gabby Turner
King of the gods and mortals
Married to Hera
Lived on Mount Olympus
Brother to Poseidon and Hades
One of the eldest gods (Gods 247)
Gabby Turner
Controlled the weather and the sky
Was the god of hospitality
Had a master thunderbolt (most powerful weapon on the Earth)
Father of many mortals, including Hercules and Perseus (Gods 294)
Goddess of wisdom, crafts and war
Known as the animal owl
Guiding goddess of Athens
Born from Zeus's head
Favorite daughter of Zeus (Gods 38)
Olivia Suarez
Gabby Turner
Works Cited

Helper of Greek heroes in battle
Carried a spear, helmet, and magic goat skin
Roman name was Minerva
Turned Medusa into a Gorgon when she came into her temple (Moulton 30)
Olivia Suarez
Works Cited
Roman name is Neptune
Carried the Trident as a weapon
God of earthquakes and the sea
Brother of Zeus and Hades
Most closely associated with the horse and created Pegasus (Gods 240)
Olivia Suarez
Poseidon and Athena were enemies because they both wanted to be the divine ruler of Athens
Father of cyclopes
Made enemies with Odysseus
Some offspring of Poseidon include Scylla and Charybdis (Martell 20)
Olivia Suarez
Olivia Suarez
Poseidon and the sea nymph, Amphitrite, had many children
One child was Triton, the half-man half-fish sea god
One of the six children of Titans Rhea and Cronus
Known for his violent temper and his tendency of holding of grudges (Poseidon)
Son of Zeus and Danae, who was a human woman
One of the best known stories is when he beheaded Medusa
Thrown into the sea with his mother in a chest by Acrisius
Polydectes raised Perseus
Was sent on a quest by Polydectes to return with the head of Medusa (Perseus)
Olivia Suarez
Olivia Suarez
Gabby Turner
Gabby Turner
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Had amazing strength and courage
Son of Zeus and mortal woman
Assigned twelve labors to do to make up for an awful deed
Known as the Twelve Labors of Hercules (Heracles)
Beheaded by Perseus
Main of the three Gorgons
Cursed by Athena to have snakes for hair
Turned men into stone if they look directly at her (Gods 101)
Athena cursed Medusa because Poseidon took Medusa to Athena's sacred temple
Medusa was pregnant with Pegasus when she was killed
Perseus gave the head to Athena and then buried it in the marketplace of Argos (Medusa)
Gabby Turner
Known by the Greek name Heracles
Hated by Hera, Zeus's wife and was caused to kill his wife and children
Assigned the 12 Labors by King Eurystheus
Tasks included killing monsters and other impossible feats
Using great cleverness, Hercules accomplished all 12 Labors (Heracles)
Gabby Turner
Roman name was Jupiter
His mother tricked Cronus into swallowing a stone instead of the god
Rewarded good conduct and punished evil doings
Most prominent symbols were the eagle and the thunderbolt (Zeus)
Saved the Ethiopian princess Andromeda from a sea creature when he was returning home
Showed the sea monster the head of Medusa and turned it to stone
Perseus fell in love with Andromeda and later married her
Olivia Suarez
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