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My motivation letter for EVS

No description

Ana Álvarez Virgós

on 22 December 2014

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Transcript of My motivation letter for EVS

My motivation letter for EVS
What about me?
Im open minded, easy going and optimistic. I've travelled around the world and i keep doing it when i have the opportunity.

As a social pedagogue, i've been involved in many different projects, specially related to education, youth, participation, volunteering and raising awareness.

I've been a youth trainer and I'm involved in different collectives in Asturias. I'm also improving my non-formal education with different courses.

Why EVS?
And...why your project?
Well i read something very inspiring in your website: "critical thinking" and "taking action" which i think is the way to change the things we don't like, to transform, to create.

I like activism as a way to make people act and react, wake up their minds and make them more conscious about what's going on out there. Using art (theater, dance, graffiti...) as a way to express ourselves and reivindicate in our communities, districts and neighborhoods.

What else?

Hi! Hola!
My name is Ana, i'm 26 years old and I'm from Oviedo, the capital city of Asturias, a small green paradise in the north of Spain. We have a beautiful nature with limestone mountains and wonderful beaches. I'm a social pedagogue and I love nature, hiking in the mountains, climbing, yoga...

Why not?

Volunteering is so enriching. It's a way of participating in other projects, promoting human rights, democracy, dignity and freedom. It's an intercultural exchange where you learn, give and take, a feed-back of ideas, knowledge and curiosities.

Is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!!

And, like Martin Luther King said:
"I have a dream"

Well... i don't wanna be too
boring with this presentation,
you already have my CV and motivation letter
so, if you wish more info about me,
i will be happy to answer all your questions!

Thanks for your time!

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