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Student Retention Presentation

No description

Heather Darrow

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Student Retention Presentation

Bridge to Success
Learning Assistance Department
Connecting students with peers, professionals & services

Supporting all academic areas

Individual & group settings

Sessions tailored to student needs
Preventative measures & early intervention

Online accessibility to TRiO SSS programming

Engagement & cultural enrichment

Next Steps:
TRiO Angel course
Peer mentoring
Staff development with Doug Lukasik's team
XAE Chi Alpha Epsilon honor society

Fall 2014 Edition
Vol XCIII, No. 311
(...But first, let us take a selfie.)
Obstacles Happen. We Help Students Overcome.
Lisa Hughes, Coordinator
Joe Croteau, Coordinator DHH
Chris Baumbach, Learning Specialist
John Covert, Tech Specialist
Frances Gill, Keyboard Specialist/Sr. Typist
Retaining students is the outcome of our collective efforts to support them.

Here are just a few of the programs and professionals at SUNY Broome that contribute to retaining students....

Student Success Times
Accessibility Resources Office
Kim Lamar Shelton, Director
Venessa Rodriguez, Assistant Director
Taumi Miller, Learning Specialist
John Covert, Technical Assistant II
Frances Gill, Keyboard Specialist/ Sr. Typist
Sherry Chandler, Literacy Bridge
Melanie Williams, MAT
Sharon Kaiser, LAD Clerk
Reference help in person or online 24/7

Subject Librarians

Textbook reserves

Global access to resources
Inter-Library loan
Expanded efforts to accelerate & reform remediation

Individualized analysis & support for underprepared students

Accelerates graduation requirements

Connects students with vital SUNY Broome services & resources

Mary McCarthy, Chair of Counseling Services
Joseph Spence, Counselor
Deb Hibbard, Counselor
Melissa Martin, Counselor
Laura Maurer, Secretary
Counseling Services
Personal & transfer counseling services

Career exploration for undecided students

*New* "Seminar in Human Potential"
Fostering peer connections and personal growth

RA Trainings
Provide useful tools effective leadership
Promote awareness of services
Academic Advising
Student-Centered Services

All-inclusive summer advising
Students informed, advised & registered at once

Phone advisement
Supporting resident students & those unable to attend in person

In-class Freshman Seminar Presentations
Educating students on the advising process to ease anxiety & frustration
Judy Watson
Sheila Martin
Carla Michalak
Thomas Quain
Terrie Schlitsey
Judy Dzuba
Carole Stanley
Kathy Ryder
Matt Brannen
Kate Taylor
Maribeth Palmer King

Nancy Mangino
Hazel Smith
Laura Maurer
Cecil C. Tyrrell Library
Ongoing academic support
Interactive monthly success seminars

Student engagement
Collaborate with organizations that work with target population
Broome County Urban League
Harlem Children's Zone
Men's Summit
At-risk student outreach

Financial incentives & Statewide recognition
Claudia Clarke, Director
Kelly Clark, Typist
NYS Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
Working with students, faculty & staff to:

Identify barriers to academic activities & campus facilities

Recommend and facilitate access

Assistive technology training for students & staff

Partner with campus service programs to support student success
Perkins Student Success
Career Success
Collaborating with Job Placement Center to provide career readiness services

Identifying key job qualifications

Arranging applied learning opportunities
Academic Success:
Outreaching & supporting struggling & at-risk students (Alerted students, Probation students)
Coordinating Academic Support Activities & Events as well as in-class study skills programming
Laura Knochen-Davis, Technical Career Coach
Heather Darrow, Early Alert Coordinaor, Learning Specialist
"The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it." ~Moliere
The Math Lab
The Writing Center
Tutoring Services
Supplemental Instruction
(Formerly the Disability Services Office)
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