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Chapter 4

No description

Steven Swavely

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 4

Plot Questions Research Jack Ralph Piggy Maurice Robert Percival Johnny Roger Simon Samneric Henry Bill "Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood." -hunters chanting "I can't see no smoke." said Piggy, incredulously. "I can't see no smoke, Ralph-where is it?-Piggy "You let the fire go out."-Ralph "There was a ship."-Ralph "Look! We've killed a pig-we stole up on them-we got in a circle-"-Jack Boys land on island
All boys are brought together by conch. Come together on beach. Ralph is elected leader over Jack by boys. Jack get's choir boy's to join hunt team Jack fails to kill pig. Rule is only person aloud to speak is the one who holds conch. Some say there is a "beastie" in woods, littluns are scared Build large fire on mountain top and determine it was always be lit. Ralph and Simon only ones working Jack says meat, Ralph says shelter. Simon has secret spot in forest. Boys accept and ignore images over water in daylight. Litteluns make sand castles Maurice and Roger destroy sand castles with laughter. Jack paints faces of hunters for camouflage. Roger throws rocks at Henry. Ralph see's boat passing. Ralph and Piggy rush to seeif fire on mountain is still lit. Piggy say's he does not see any smoke and asks Ralph where it is. Ralph screams for the boat to come back, but it does no return. Jack comes back with other hunters exstatic about a killing of a pig. Ralph tells Jack he let the fire go out. Jack say's sorry, but is too excited about the hunt to let it affect him severly. Ralph is angry, but does not start a real big confrontation Pig is cut up and distributed Piggy does not recieve any meat. Simon gives up his meat, but that is returned to him by some of Jack's meat. Jack's hair- losses focus on main task at hand (fire) "Beastie"- the Devil Signal fire- only connection to human civilization. WWII- British fighting in the war "Belly flop! Belly flop!" "Smoke! Smoke!" REPITITION SIMILIE With Ralph from beginning Leader of the pack Builds shelters Leader of hunters Enemies with Ralph over the leader position. Fat, has glasses Littleluns With Ralph Aligns with Jack Throws rocks at Henry The hunters were chanting after the killing of a pig upon return to camp Piggy expresses concerns that there is no fire to signal ship. Jack expressing his happiness over the killing of a pig. Ralph telling Jack he made a mistake in not watching the fire. Ralph says there was a ship, and the boys could have been rescued if they had not let the fire out. THEME Man vs. Man Two different sides of the war. FORESHADOWING The boys miss the ship, foreshadowing to another ship later. METAPHOR "They accepted the pleasures of morning, the bright sun, the whelming sea and sweet air, as a time when play was good and life so full that hope was not necessary and therefore forgotton." page 58 Jack and Ralph argue, which foreshadows to more probelms in the future. Why did Jack and the hunters cover their faces with clay? Why did the ship not see Ralph and the boys, therefore failing to rescue them? Which "littleluns" were building sand castles? Who were the two boys that destroyed the sand castles on their way to play in the water? Describe the tactic that the hunters used to kill the pig. Explain why Ralph kept his cool and only said to Jack, "You get the fire go out." Which boy did not recieve any meat because he did not help the hunt. Who tosses rocks at Henry? Explain why Jack is not too concerened, or angry at himself, for letting the fire go out. What are some instances of foreshadowing in chapter 4? LITERARY DEVICES LORD OF THE FLIES Fight for power in WWII, Jack and Ralph in LOTF. Two sides fighting with killing Chapter Four Twins Says to have nice hair. Not liked by others. Has own hiding spots Sides with Ralph Always stick together. Stalin and Lenin's struggle for power
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