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A visual guide to the BOSS SOFTWARE products and services for the conference booth

Brittany Reiser

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of BOSS SOFTWARE Conferences


An Authority in Campus Software Solutions.

Web Interface
Cash Drawer
Payroll Deduction
LPR Interface
Extended User Web Access
Extended Permit Posting

What are people saying about BOSS SOFTWARE?
Oracle & Banner Integration
18 customizable modules
Personalized customer support

Online Payments Interface
DMV Interface
Boot & Tow Tracking
Permit Fulfillment
Event Management
Property Management
Lost & Found
Key Tracking

customer vehicle

and permits

Easy access to

Increasing the productivity of your staff

their own questions

Let your customers answer

Sends permit information to a third party vendor
Vendor will print permit info on institution approved stock & mail to customers
Additional documents may also be mailed, such as instructions or maps

Permit Fulfillment

Handheld ticketing
Look up vehicles, boot & tow information, VIP information
Officers may easily enter, save, print and download citations
Minimizes most data entry


Parking staff may accept and track payments
Sends financial data to Campus A/R System
Allows Bursar to be single point of collection on campus

Cash Drawer Module

Vehicle ID
Boot number
Impound date/location
Vehicle release
And more..

Boot & tow alerts are sent to handheld units for auto notification

Boot & Tow Tracking

Allows visitors & guests to:
Pay for citations
Submit appeals
Provide contact information

Extended User Web Access

Automatically creates a unique account for customers who submit information
Schedule & tracks the appeal process
Links directly to citation and appeal records
Assigns hearings
Easy entering of appeal decisions & comments

Hearings Module

Accuracy of tickets and permits have improved 100% since installing BOSSCARS and integrating our student system (Banner).

Falisha Wilson
Parking Manager

Incident Management
Evidence Tracking
Clear, concise and detailed call log & dispatcher screen

Key Tracking Module

Increase building access & security through key tracking
Allows Public Safety Officers to know who has keys to buildings and rooms
Easily tracks keys for employees
Lost and Found Module

Provides Control and accountability for dealing with lost and found
Offer better service to the campus community by:
Knowing what has been reported lost or found
Immediate response to inquiries about lost items
Lottery Module

Assigns priorities to customers for limited permits
Lottery automatically assigns permits to winners at time of drawing
Priorities based on Persson Types may be adjusted through parameters
Interfaces your parking gate system with BOSSCARS
BOSSCARS will send prox card activation/deactivation data to the gates system
Current interfaces include:
Amano McGann
Federal APD

BOSSGATES Interface Module

Manages payroll deductions for parking permits and citations:
Sends payroll deductions in real-time
Or sends payroll deduction to HR through a batch process
Payroll deduction eligibility is defined based on Institution Specific criteria

Payroll Deduction Module

DMV Interface

Sends information to DMV retrieval service for registered owner information
Returned information is:
Inserted into BOSSCARS
Auto associates with unmatched citations
Allows customers to safely pay for permits or citations online
Secure external pages collect payments by:
Integrating the Web Interface module with third-party payment services.

Online Payments Module

Over 50 adaptable reports
Generate letter in bulk via mail merge. Allows for collection of fees and overdue fines with better efficiency
May aid in communicating important news to customers


Reports – Permit Reports

Reports – Citations by Date

Reports – Unmated & Appealed Citations

Reports – Query Unpaid Citations

Incident Reporting

Single screen provides access to:
All parties involved
Property and Evidence
Built in approval system
Accident Report

Field Interview

Person Information

Person Incident History

Units On Duty

Easily track who is where and doing what for optimal campus safety and awareness
Open Incidents

The biggest asset of BOSSCARS is the real-time integration with Banner for person status, addresses and direct A/R billing.
Mary Alice O'Brien
Banner Project Manager
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institution
Savannah College of Art and Design
New College of Florida
BOSSCARS has proven to be an excellent tool for New College. Unlike other programs, it is affordable for small schools without giving up any of the high cost program's bells and whistles. We are happy we chose this system.

Al Gilligan
Asst. VP, Finance and Administration
Longwood University
BOSSCARS will streamline our parking and cashiering operations and will eliminate dual data entry that has been taking place in our legacy systems.

Kirk Vandebrooke
Director of Information Systems
University of Notre Dame
BOSSCARS is a user-friendly system from a line officer standpoint. All of our officers have access to the system to look up vehicles they might run across. This reduces time Communications spends on looking information up.

Capt. Jeffrey Korros
Police/Security Department
Albany State University
We generate about $100,000 in parking revenues per year now; before we generated about $50,000 a year.

Doreen Allen
Oracle DBA
A few of our clients
Open Calls Dashboard

Open Incidents Dashboard
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