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Flipped Instruction in our Classrooms

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 8 February 2017

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Transcript of Flipped Instruction in our Classrooms

Flipped Instruction in our Classrooms
Faculty Inservice, Summer 2016
A few logistics...
create YouTube channel or post content to Schoology
have flash drives for commuters
students must watch video before participating in class
Benefits to Flipped Instruction
What Is Flipped Instruction?
Flipped instruction reverses the traditional thought that class time is used for learning new material and after school is used for homework.
Where Can Flipping Be Used?
Basic Outline of a Flipped Lesson
Students watch lecture before class
Students come into class and show they have their work done with an entrance ticket, showing their notes, or having questions answered that you gave them
Students work in groups going over the material in class, working on assigned tasks
simulates situations students will have in future careers
Is there a time when instruction should not be flipped?
If you flip your entire course, there would no longer be lectures. Does this pose any disadvantage to students who will have many lecture courses in college?
What do you do when students have technology issues?
Questions Worth Thinking About
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