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No description

Beth Gordon

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of MY WEEKEND


My weekend was a ball of fun. One thing would lead to another. It was like the domino effect. I had an amazing weekend. Here,I'll tell you all about.
The first thing I did was watch a ton of movies. I watched......
Teen Beach 2
My Girl
Heaven is For Real
and more!
Saturday was the perfect day for the picnic. It was warm with a light breeze. A couple of weeks earlier my Pepaw helped build a bar-b-q pit for cooking muttin and chickens. Big Ray cooked some burgo. The food tasted amazing. Most of the time I was there, I was in the kitchen boiling hotdogs, filling cups with ice and refreshments, and setting things out on the counter. I was the last one to at because I was so busy and when it was my turn to fill my plate there was no more baked beans, potato salad or pink fluff. It was still really good though.
While I was at Brushy Fork Baptised Church I asked my grandmother if I could spend the night. Like always she said yes, so I stayed with my grandparents until they left church. When we left church we went to 3 peoples houses. At each house we delivered a gallon of burgo and one whole chicken. We delivered to the men who helped my Pepaw make the bar-b-q pit.
After that we went to my Aunt Krystal's house. She had a pile of wood to burn so she decided to have a bawn fire. some people came over and had their grown up conversations while i baby-sitted a 1 1/2 year old. Her name was Skylar. Skylar played on the trampaline and the swing set. Then, she played on the infinity swing that she loved. It was so much fun to baby-sit.
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