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The 60's Timeline

Created by Gyan K, Rachel S, and Darwin T

Rachel Seah

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of The 60's Timeline

1962 Brian Herlihy enlists in the Marines 1960 Emmet's father participates in the Lunch Counter Sit-In 1963 Emmet Taylor moves to Watts, CA Michael goes to GreenWood, Mississippi to register African American voters - Freedom Summer. He meets Emmet and his father President John F. Kennedy is assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. makes his "I Have A Dream Speech" in Washington, DC Brian does not get the scholarship to Notre Dame Michael Herlihy graduates and goes to Lyola University 1965 Malcom X is assassinated Brian is sent to Vietnam to fight in war However, Michael is against the war his brother is in, which results in some sibling bicker 1966 The Black Panther Party is established 1967 Katie becomes a hippie and participates in the Summer of Love in San Francisco after her son, Michael Rainbow, is born Katie Herlihy goes to a college party and ends up going to bed with a member of the performing band. She finds out that she is pregnant after a while. When she confronts her family, she gets so angry that she decides to run away to San Francisco to find the father of the baby While Emmet is also at the Summer of Love, he gets recruited by the Black Panther Party 1969 Emmet helps with the Free Breakfast Program for School Children Program in Chicago with Fred Hampton Brian comes home from the war, but seems to have trouble dealing with the aftermath through PTSD Michael brings Brian to the Wood Stock Festival where Brian goes through PTSD. When he is taken to be treated, Katie turns out to be the person treating him. As Katie and Michael reconnect, they meet up with Brian as all three siblings embrace each other's presence. Fred Hampton is assassinated in his sleep in Decemmber The children and Michael Rainbow go home, where Mrs. Herlihy embraces Katie in a welcoming hug, bypassing Mr. Herlihy. 1970 Emmet goes back to Watts, LA to start his own Free Breakfast Program Brian and Mr. Herlihy talk over a drink, finally connecting their experiences of war. "Principles are everything a man has left" Michael faces CO trial because he burned his draft card during a protest. Mr. Herlihy steps up and surprisingly speaks on behalf of his son supporting his decision to not participate in the war. During a family BBQ, Katie and Mr. Herlihy talk about her absence in the family. Mr. Herlihy apologizes for his poor fathering and is proud to stay in touch with his daughter.
Michael's ex-girlfriend go to his home and they try to rekindle the love and eventually confess they have missed each other.
The decade ends for the family as they enjoy a family meal and friendly football game on their front yard. The '60s Timeline By: Gyan K, Rachel S, and Darwin T
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