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CCF Fieldcraft- Field Signals and Section Formations

Year 10 teaching

Josh James

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of CCF Fieldcraft- Field Signals and Section Formations

Lesson 1
Josh James Field Signals and Section Formations First of all Aim: To teach cadets the more important field signals Each member of a section is vital, you contribute to the all round protection of your squad by using your eyes and ears to stay on a constant lookout for the enemy and possible dangers. STAY ALERT! A section commander can save time and effort by using hand signals. When in close proximity of the enemy and when patrolling, hand signals are vital to avoid alerting the enemy to your section's position. No enemy/all clear/friendly On with the signals... Enemy in sight or near On me/ Come here More signals... Not commonly used Gun team/ Fire suppression team Stop and listen Halt Obstacle More and more signals Get down Section IC Close or 'on me' There are more signals which I will demonstrate. Once again, not commonly used Right or Left Flanking Single File File Extended Line Diamond Arrowhead RV Finished! Any questions? Next Lesson:
Personal Camouflage and Concealment Staggered Line Field Signals Next up... Section Formations Aim: To explain the basic formations in which a section can move in different scenarios. A section must always be able to function efficiently in accordance to the section commander's orders. It is vital to move as a team, not as individuals. Patrol movement will depend on:

Direction from which enemy fire is expected
Need for control by IC
Need for maximum fire power/efficiency S IC 2IC Hand signal is... Uses of single file and why S IC 2IC Hand signal is... Uses of staggered file and why S IC 2IC Uses of arrowhead and why Hand signal is... Uses of extended line and why Hand signal is... IC 2IC 2IC IC Uses of diamond and why Hand signal is...
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