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Rigor and Relevance

No description

Nader Twal

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Rigor and Relevance

Rigor Bloom's Taxonomy

Complete "Y" Axis on the RR Handout Relevance Application Model

Order the following from least to most challenging.

Application in real world predictable situations
Application in one discipline
Application across disciplines
Application to real world unpredictable situations
Knowledge in one discipline Rigor and Relevance Framework Rigor and Relevance Framework Dr. Willard Dagget

International Center for Leadership in Education Why rigor and relevance? “We go where the smart people are. Now our business operations are two-thirds in the U.S. and one-third overseas. But that ratio will flip over the next ten years.”

Intel Corporation Spokesman
Howard High Changing Workforce Demands "A society's competitive advantage will come not from how well its schools teach the multiplication and periodic tables, but from how well they stimulate imagination and creativity."

Albert Einstein Bloom's Taxonomy Application Model Knowledge in one discipline Application in one discipline Application across disciplines Application in real world predictable situations Application in real world unpredictable situations Let's practice... Place each of the following activities in the appropriate QUADRANT...

Compare features of web development software
Design a web page
Demonstrate web development software applications
Create a full website for a local business Express probabilities as fractions, percents, or decimals.
Classify triangles according to angle size and/or length of sides.
Calculate volume of simple three- dimensional shapes.
Given the coordinates of a quadrilateral, plot the quadrilateral on a grid. Calculate percentages of advertising in a newspaper.
Tour the school building and identify examples of parallel and perpendicular lines, planes, and angles.
Determine the median and mode of real data displayed in a histogram
Organize and display collected data, using appropriate tables, charts, or graphs. Analyze the graphs of the perimeters and areas of squares having different-length sides.
Determine the largest rectangular area for a fixed perimeter.
Identify coordinates for ordered pairs that satisfy an algebraic relation or function.
Determine and justify the similarity or congruence for two geometric shapes. Obtain historical data about local weather to predict the chance of snow, rain, or sun during year.
Test consumer products and illustrate the data graphically.
Plan a large school event and calculate resources (food, decorations, etc.) you need to organize and hold this event.
Make a scale drawing of the classroom on grid paper, each group using a different scale. Teacher controlled
Teacher WORKS Externally controlled
Student WORKS Teacher directed
Student THINKS Student controlled
Student THINKS AND WORKS Conceptual Interrelated Paired Single
Subject Theme-based
Application CTE SCI SOC For
Lang ARTS ELA Math Integration Continuum BASIC INTERMEDIATE COMPLEX Good evening.

Please take a piece of card stock and fold it lengthwise. Write the following information on it...
Why you chose this session (3 words or less)
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