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Video of Daoism

No description

julia rodier

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Video of Daoism

Daoism allegedly began with a man named Laozi around 500 B.C.
The main location of Daoism is China.
There Spiritual Leader is Sage.
There human nature was born in a state of purity, imperfect but capable of seeking the Tao and doing good.
Video of Daoism
Based on the teachings of the Tao Te Chang.
Daoism is also called Taoism.
Daoism was founded in China.
There are about 20 million Daoists world wide.
Daoists sacred texts are the
Tao Te Ching
There symbol is the Ying-Yang.
There main language is Chinese.
There house of worship is the Temple.
There Theism is Pantheism
There purpose of life was inner harmony and peace; Longevity
You had to live in accordance with the Tao.
The after life was to revert back to state of non-being.
Daoism's ultimate reality was the Tao.
Daoism is one of the two indigenous philosophical traditions of China.
There was no Daoism before the literati of the Han dynasty tried to organize the writings and ideas that represented the major intellectual alternatives available.
The Primary belief in Daoism is in learning and practicing the Dao, which is the ultimate truth to the universe.
By: Julia Rodier
HR: 250
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