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Cell City Analogies: The Simpsons

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Caitlin Carey

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of Cell City Analogies: The Simpsons

The Simpsons!
Cell Analogies
The Endoplasmic reticulum is like all of the roads in Springfield because it is like a series of interconnected small tubes that let materials be transported from the town hall (the nucleus.)
The nucleus is similar to Springfield's Town Hall because the nucleus directs all of the activities in the cell.

Similarly, the Town Hall directs the actions and activities taking place in the city.
In Springfield, the museum is like the DNA in the cell's nucleus. DNA contains all of the genetic information for the cell.
This is just like museum's holding tons of information.
Mitochondria is like the Nuclear Plant in Springfield. This is where reactions occur to create energy for the cell to use for life processes.

Similarly, the power plant turns nuclear energy into electricity for the town to use.
The cell wall is in a plant is used for structural support and protection, its much thicker than the cell membrane. In Springfield, this would be like the city limits being guarded by police officers.

Kwik-E-Mart can be compared to vacuoles because they are both used to store nutrients.

Vacuoles store nutrients for the cell to use and Kwik-E-Mart stores food, which provide nutrients.
Plant cells have one central vacuole that stores water and nutrients for the cell. This is just like the water tower storing water for Springfield.
Post offices and the Golgi apparatus are very similar, the Golgi uses transport vesicles to ship the products of the Endoplasmic reticulum to other placesin the cell where they are needed. A post office is similar in tasks because it delivers the mail and other packages all over the city
Solar panels can be compared to Chloroplasts. Chloroplasts use energy from the sun to convert carbon dioxide and water into useful nutrients.

Solar Panels are similar because they convert solar energy from the sun into useful electricity for the town.
Golgi bodies are transport vesicles that break off the cell and carry the substances all around the cell. Delivery vans are a good comparison because they deliver stuff all over the town
Lysosomes are similar to the black hole in Springfield.

Lysosomes digest unwanted things and the members of Springfield began to use the black hole as a garbage can because it would deal with unwanted things.
The cell membrane in the animal cell is a protective barrier for the cell, it allows things to be transported into the cell and also things could be transported out of the cell.

The sandbox Maggie plays in has a wooden barrier that keeps things in and out.
Ribosomes are the things that assemble amino acids into proteins in the process of protein synthesis. The factory is like the ribosomes because it produces things that the town needs, in this case its Duff beer.
The Cytoplasm is an important part of the cell because it holds and supports all of the organelles.
The cytoplasm could be compared to the atmosphere surrounding Springfield because it supports everything in the town

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