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Greek Mythology Presentation-Atalanta

No description

Maddy bere

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Greek Mythology Presentation-Atalanta

Greek Mythology Presentation-

This myth tells readers that sometimes you have to let things go and accept what comes your way. Queen Althaea raged and even killed her own so, because he decided to rebel and marry a girl he loved. The queen saw Atalanta as just a 'wild girl', and definitely not good enough for Meleager, but he wanted none other. After Meleager's death, a man had literally won Atalanta, and although she will always have Meleager running through her mind, she will marry Hippomenes.
-Atlanta and Hippomenes are turned to Lions for not thanking Aphrodite
-Atlanta had a son with Hippomenes
-She was raised in a forest instead of mountains, and raised by hunters instead of bears
-Meleager was not included at all
-Meleager gave Atlanta several skins and also a head as gifts

-Queen Althaea does not kill Meleager
-Boar was released because King Oeneus forgot the god, Artemis, in the annual sacrifice
-Atlanta visits an Oracle who tells her her marriage will end in disaster and she decides she doesnt want to marry
-She does not want Hippomenes to die from the race
-Atalanta was a wrestler
Atalanta is a warrior. Her goal is to win the race, and she is determined to beat Hippomenes. Atalanta's fear is weakness, which was found when Hippomenes dropped the apples. When the boar became a problem, she fought and slayed it, as a warrior should. Atalanta must of been full of courage in order to stand up to the boar, and in the end she only fought for what she believed mattered.
Explaining Human Nature
This myth explains the relationship between humans and animals. In the beginning of Atalanta's story she is brought up by a family of bears, yet she still hunted for what she needed. Today we hunt wildlife for clothing and many other reasons, but then go home to our pet dogs and cats. Atalanta had the same respect for animals, that we do now.
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