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Registering for Classes at UH Manoa

How to use the MyUH Portal and Schedule of Classes to register at UH Manoa.

Tomani Kamiko

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Registering for Classes at UH Manoa

Registering for Classes
at UH Manoa After figuring out your intended
major or what sort of classes you
hope to take in your first semester,
you should Check Class Availability Where to start... http://www.sis.hawaii.edu/uhdad/avail.classes?i=MAN (click me!) Select the appropriate semester. Select your subject. Some explanations on what you see. This column tells you if
the course fulfills a General
Education or Focus Requirement. Each course has a unique number
assigned to it called a CRN. When you
find the class you want to take, make sure
to write down the CRN since you'll need
to enter it when you register. This is the subject and course
level of each class. Some classes have multiple
sections, so this is your section
number. And this is the title
of the course. This is how many credits the
course is worth. This is your instructor's name.
If it says TBA, then the instructor
has not yet been determined. Please
note, instructors are subject to change. This is the number of seats
available in the class. Some
courses offer the chance to
add your name to a waiting list,
and if someone drops the class
then you will be given the chance
to register for that course. These columns show the days
and times which your class will
meet. Please remember that "R"
stands for Thursday! This is the room where your class meets.
Take into consideration the times and
locations of your classes when setting
up your schedule. Consult a map before
the class begins to avoid showing up late. Finally, this is the duration of the
course. Usually this will just be the
length of the semester, but there
are a few exceptions. MyUH Portal All students register for classes online via the MyUH Portal.
Once you have the CRN codes for the classes you want to register in, you can begin registering
for them via the portal. https://myuh.hawaii.edu/cp/home/displaylogin (click me!) However, you need a UH username and password to
register for your classes. If you don’t have one yet, visit the following site: https://myuh.hawaii.edu:8888/sessionid=nobody/am-sso-check-status Once you're logged in... click Add/Drop Courses Select a term. Under ‘Institution’, use the drop down menu to select the campus that the class you want to take is being offered at. As a UHM student, you are allowed to take
classes at other colleges in the system depending on your academic standing. Insert the CRN code for each
course you wish to take. Click 'Submit' If you are able to register for the classes you entered, the next screen will show your class schedule like the one below. The status column shows that you are registered, and the date that you registered. This drop down menu allows you
to drop or withdraw from classes.
Make sure you consult the course add/drop timetable to meet certain deadlines and avoid paying fees. For More Information... The MyUH Portal website has tutorials and help links in case you have questions or need to troubleshoot. http://myuhinfo.hawaii.edu/page/registration (click me!) This is another example of a sample schedule.
It lists the courses in block form in sort of a
weekly calendar type of view. This may make it
easier to plan out classes If you would like to print out a blank
version of this block schedule so you
can try for yourself, click the link below: http://hawaii.edu/nso/resources/Blank_Schedule.pdf
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