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My Map to Thirteen Reasons Why

My own version of Hannah Baker's map with descriptions and pictures from the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Mariana K

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of My Map to Thirteen Reasons Why

Map to Thirteen Reasons Why
First Red Star
Hannah's first home before freshman year, This is where she met Justin. Justin is the first reason why. He is the first reason why because he lied about his first kiss with Hannah and set her up for a bad reputation.
Second Red Star
Blue Spot Liquor, where Hannah went everyday after school to buy candy. Hannah felt comfortable there, until Alex added to her reputation. Then boys tried to take advantage of her at this store.
Third Red Star
Monets, a small cafe where Hannah, Alex, and Jessica used to meet and talk about their days. When they were friends, later the three become enemies.
Fourth Red Star
Tyler's house, this is the house of a boy who is a Peeping Tom. Tyler would stand outside of Hannah's window taking pictures of her at night. He is a reason because he took Hannah's only place of security, her home, away from her. Clay is sent to his house because Hannah wants people to peep into Tyler's room so he can know what invasion of privacy feels like.
Fifth Red Star
Courtney's house, Courtney was a frenemy of Hannah's. Courtney was only friends with Hannah because she wanted to be voted nicest in the senior yearbook. Hannah hated Courtney for that especially when Courtney tricked Hannah into giving her a ride to a party. *Clay doesn't visit this place.
Sixth Red Star
Rosie's Diner, where Hannah goes for her Valentine's day date with Marcus. Marcus tries to use her for her reputation but Hannah doesn't give in. Which gives Marcus a spot as one of the thirteen reasons why. Clay stays here for awhile listening to quite a few tapes.
Seventh Red Star
Public Library, where Hannah took poetry classes. Hannah takes the class with Ryan, until they trade poetry books and Ryan posts one of her poems anonymously. Then the poem is critiqued be the entire school. This is why Ryan is a reason, even her own poetry was criticized.
Eighth Red Star
1512 Cottonwood, the house of the party where Clay and Hannah kiss. This is where Clay is the reason why. Hannah wants to date him but she has already made her decision to commit suicide. This is also where she sees Bryce rape Jessica, she or Justin could have stopped it but they didn't and that guilt is another reason why.
Ninth Red Star
After the party, Jessica gives Hannah a ride home. On the way home, Jessica crashes into a stop sign knocking it down. Scared she will get in trouble, Jessica drives away. Hannah protests and get kicked out of the car. Later that night a student from there school is killed in a car accident due to the missing sign. Clay happens to have witnessed the accident.
Tenth Red Star
The gas station, where Hannah calls the police to report the missing stop sign, not knowing Jessica had already caused someone to loose their life. Hannah feels responsibility for that person's death, which is why Jessica is another reason why. Clay doesn't plan on coming here but he cuts his hand when hitting a chain link fence, and ironically this is the gas station that was closest.
Eleventh Red Star
Courtney's house once again. This is when Hannah is confident she will commit suicide. There is a huge party down the street and Hannah is walking outside, Bryce and Courtney invite her to sit in a hot tub with them. Hannah finally gives into her reputation with Bryce, even though she doesn't want to.
Eisenhower Park: The Rocket Ship Slide
This is the scene of Hannah's first kiss with Justin. Clay chooses to go here instead of some other places marked with red stars because he wanted to listen to the tapes somewhere that was a happy place, this was a happy place for Hannah.
Clay finally has listened to all of the tapes and sends them off to the next victim. After all that he feels guilt and anguish for Hannah's death, but now he has closure.
Post office
*This map doesn't include all of the reasons why, it only has the red stars
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