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Mega Middle Colonies

No description

Bobby-Joe Brown

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Mega Middle Colonies

Mega Middle Colonies
3 main jobs
The first main job was farming. The crops were sold for money to buy food for the family.
The second job was a laborer which is a person who does physical work. Most laborers were slaves. An artisan is a person who is skilled at making things by hand.
The third job was shipping and trade. They used their ships to ship supplies and goods to other colonies and continents and got goods and supplies in trade.
They had Fertile soil so it was good to grow crops for the colonies.
The climate of the colonies was also very good. The warm weather helped the crops grow.
The middle colonies had wide rivers and it was good to fish and transport other goods to other colonies.
The woods near the colonies and farms had a lot of wildlife so the colonists hunted the animals and trapped them for food.
Geography of the Middle Colonies
New Jersey
New York
To the south of the Middle Colonies was The Southern Colonies.
To the West of the Middle Colonies was New France.
To the east of the Middle Colonies was Atlantic Ocean.
To The North of the Middle Colonies is the New England Colonies.
One reason why the colonists came over to the Middle Colonies is for religious freedom.
Another reason colonists came over was to make money.
Peter Minuit
Peter was a governor of New Netherlands. He bought Manhattan Island in New York from the Manhates Native Americans.
Peter Stuyvesant
Peter S. was a governor of New Netherlands. He was a harsh governor and the colonists did not like him. When New Netherlands were attacked the colonists surrendered instead of fighting the English because they wanted a new leader.
William Penn
The King of England owed William Penn's family money. But Penn, a Quaker, did not want money. He wanted land to make a colony for Christians. His wish came true. The King gave him land and called it Pennsylvania.
James Duke of York

James was a proprietor, a person who owns land and gives it to people. James kept part of New York and gave the rest of the land to his friends John and George. They called it West Jersey and East Jersey. In 1702 West and East Jersey joined together and was named New Jersey.
By Ethan Kiggins
and Sebastian Lichy
Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin was the most famous citizen in the city of Philadelphia. He made many inventions like batteries, the lightening rod, the fireplace, odometer and bifocals. He made the city a safer place by making the first hospital, fire department, and the library. He was one very great man.
The government of New Netherlands bought land from the Manhates. The land was named Manhattan after the Manhates Native Americans.
English ships sailed to New Amsterdam and captured the Dutch.The Dutch immediately surrendered because they hated their leader.
In 1681, Pennsylvania was started by the King of England. He owed William Penn's family money. But instead of taking the money, William got land and the King called it Pennsylvania. (PA was named after William's father).
What did they do?
In 1702 John and George rejoined East Jersey and West Jersey. It became New Jersey.
Major People
The first settlements were fur trades.
There were many different religions in the Dutch colonies.
The Dutch recruit a new colony for the colonies of the Dutch. It was called New Sweden.
NY/NJ Farmers
The proprietors ( people who owned the land) had a hard time controlling their faraway land in the colonies.
The proprietors picked a group of colonists to make up a council. This council helped the proprietors run the colony.
The Quakers believed that all Christians should be free.
The Quakers were put in jail for their beliefs and even killed.
Pennsylvania had more power than any other colony because the council could agree or disagree with any laws passed.
The Quakers were friendly with the local Native Americans. They signed treaties with the Native Americans so they would be friends with each other and not go to war.
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