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The Tasmanian Tiger. Back to stay.

No description

Ian Ashbaker

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of The Tasmanian Tiger. Back to stay.

The Tasmanian Tiger Was officially declared extinct in 1936. But a Tasmanian Tiger pup was found preserved in alcohol, practically untouched for almost 100 years.
And through genetic cloning we where able to bring them back.
5 cool facts about thylacine.
1) although they look like dogs, they are actually marsupials with pouches closely related to kangaroos. their prey.
2) they have a stiff tail, used to stand on their hind legs.
3)they have a yawn gape larger than any other animal.
4)they live in family packs.
5)they can hop on their hind legs as a mode of transportation.
why they should be saved.
These are awesome animals that humans decided to kill off. we decided that they had no right to live. And when we did this, it disrupted the ecosystem so much that it is still affected today. these are amazing unique animals that are an important part of the eco system. and for this reason they should be saved.
1) Australia.gov.au
There life and extinction.
Tasmanian Tigers (thylacine) were a peaceful race. they hunted kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, possums, potoroos, and some birds. But when early English settlers came, they brought sheep along with them, and the thylacine, saw them as an easy meal, all nice and fluffy, so all the english men put bountys on their furs, soon enough, they were extinct, their main threats were deforestation, and hunting.
The Tasmanian Tiger. Back to stay.
The Tasmanian Tiger.
Left:clone right: pup
3) P.S yeah really...
By: Ian Ashbaker
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