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July 10 CHECK Up (Southern MD)

No description

Kate Wasserman

on 15 December 2016

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Transcript of July 10 CHECK Up (Southern MD)

#1: To understand recommended use of psychopharmocologic interventions in early childhood primary care.

#2: To understand strategies to support screening for developmental and mental health concerns in young children within the pediatric primary care setting

#3 To understand effective ways to engage families in the screening process and follow up as indicated by the screening results

Screening - and
how to cover it
Preschool Psychopharmacology
Thank you for joining our CHECK Up Learning Community.

We look forward to hearing more about your progress and practice with ECMH in primary care at our next session on July 24th.
At this session you will have the opportunity to meet mental health clinicians interested in developing better working relationships to best meet the needs of your communities young patents and families struggling with mental heath stresses - and we will talk about addressing family trauma in the pediatric setting.
Review of BHIPP & Discussion of Progress on Learning Goals
Call the line, 855-MD-BHIPP
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