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The Crucible Character Map

English 3 Honors - Due Friday

Isaiah Cuesta

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of The Crucible Character Map

The Crucible Character Map Tituba Minor character who conducts witchcraft with the girls in the forest. Reverend Parris Major character within the whole play. New minister for the church who is a bit greedy and has a feud with Proctor. Betty Paris One of the girls who was ill after the night in the woods. Abby Williams Major Character who was the mastermind behind the accusations. Leader of the group of girls. Wants to be with Proctor Orders girls around Father Servant to Uncle Mercy Lewis 2nd in command among the girls. Agressive like Abby. Mary Warren Girl who wants to do right, but ends up breaking down because of the girls. Susana Walcott Minor character who doesn't do much besides listen to Abby. Sarah Good Beggar who is accused by Tituba. Accuses Mr. Putman Landowner who sides with Parris in most cases. Mrs. Putman Woman who lost 7 kids in miscarriages and who sent her child with Tituba. Married Ruth Putman Another girl who became ill after the nighti n the woods. Daughter Rebecca Nurse Respected individual in Salem who is accused of being a witch. Accuses John Proctor Major character who is a farmer. He tries to save his wife and do what's right. Is executed at end of play. Former Lovers Elizabeth Proctor Woman accused by Abby. Mary gave her a doll with a needle in it that was used against Mrs. Proctor to prove that she was a witch. Married Accuses Reverend Hale Minister who comes to Salem to investigate witchcraft. Eventually feels that there is no witchcraft based on evidence shown by Proctor. Tries to help him Governor Danforth Judge that condemns many people to be executed and doesn't believe there is no witchcraft. He sends Proctor to be hanged. Hangs him Giles Corey Friend of proctor and is trying to save his wife from being executed. Under investigation
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