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Walmart: The future is sustainability

No description

Carly Gerard

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Walmart: The future is sustainability

Walmart: The future is sustainability
By: Denee Headen
Tyler Stevens
Carly Gerard

Walmart's History
Do you think Walmart is doing enough to become more sustainable?
Yes, Walmart has done many things to become more sustainable over the years.
Walmart has implement its "
Global Responsible Sourcing Initiative
" which list the policies and requirements for their suppliers
Manufacturers' facilities must certify compliance with laws and regulations where they operate, as well as rigorous social and environmental standards set by government agencies
By 2012, suppliers must work with Walmart to make a 20% improvement in the energy efficiency inside the top 200 factories in China that Walmart directly sources from
Currently 119 of these factories have improved their energy efficiency by 5% or higher
What are the problems that Walmart has faced, and what has the company done to address them?
Why has Walmart tended to improve performance while other retail outlets have been suffering financially?
Walmart is known for excellent Market orientation-focusing on consumers, defeating competitors, and increasing shareholders value.
About Walmart
It has started a Global Ethics Office and Ethical practices in 2004.
It is always changing and adapting . They look for new areas to improve upon.
It is able to keep costs low and sell low cost quality goods to consumers.
It seem to be always improving because of scandal and lawsuits.
Do you think Walmart is doing enough to become more sustainable?
Suppliers must create a plan to eliminate, by 2012, defective merchandise reaching the Walmart supply chain
One year later, Walmart's customers returns of defective merchandise had decreased by 1.97%
By 2012, all suppliers Walmart buys from must source 95% of their production from factories that receive the highest ratings on environmental and social practices
By 2010 93% of Walmart's direct sourcing products came from factories with high ratings
These goals will increase the sustainability of Walmart suppliers significantly.
Probably the greatest environmental concern associated with Walmart has been Urban Sprawl
The construction of a Walmart can stress a city's infrastructure of roads, parking, and traffic flow.
Walmart Supercenters occupy about 20-30 acres of land
Abandoned stores are also an issue with sustainability due to the fact that Walmart allegedly goes out of its way to prevent other retail companies from buying abandoned stores.
Problems with Employee Stakeholders
P: Did not pay employees enough
S: Walmart started raising employee pay

P:Did not allow employees to form labor union
S: Signed agreement with ACFTU and talked about open-door policy

P:Discriminated against women
S: Brought lawsuit to Supreme Court
Problems & solutions continued
P: Sued for discriminating when hiring truck drivers
S: Paid $17.5 million

P: Hiring illegal Immigrants
S:Denied allegations

Problems and Solutions cont .
Unethical executive:
P: Coughlin, top executive, stole $500,000 from company
S: He was forced to resign

Problems with treatment of environment:
P: Criticized for mistreating environment
S: Decided to become a "green" company

Walmart is the world’s biggest public corporation
Walmart saves its customers over $287 billion every year, which is about $970 per customer
It has more than 200 million customers weekly
Walmart has over 200 employees and is the world’s largest retail employer
This company has more than 8,000 facilities.
Walmart serves 15 countries
Fortune named Walmart “ the most admired company” in 2003 and 2004

Walmart was founded by Sam Walton in 1962
The first Walmart was located in Rogers, Arkansas
Within the next forty years, Walmart grew from a tiny discount store into the world’s largest public corporation.
Walmart decided not to have an ethical program because it could follow Walton’s ethics.

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