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Gen. John Hathorn

No description

Sue Gardner

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of Gen. John Hathorn

Elizabeth Welling
Married Jan. 9, 1772, Warwick
Eleven Children:
Bartholomew Lott,

(served under Hathorn & father of)

John Hathorn Lott
John Hathorn Lott, born 1793 in Hathorn House
of Thomas Welling I and Hannah
Grew up on Welling farm in Warwick on Rt. 94 just up the road from Hathorn House
John Hathorn
John's Parentage

: researchers have not been able to verify his family ancestors
Source: Letter of Elizabeth Hathorn from unknown repository
Sarah (Sally) Hathorn, b. Dec. 09, 1773
Thomas Welling Hathorn, b. Dec. 28, 1774
Mary Hathorn, b. Feb. 13, 1777
Hannah Hathorn, b. August 17, 1779
Elizabeth Hathorn, b. April 27, 1782
John Hathorn, Jr. b. March 11, 1785
Catherine Cornelia Hathorn, b. July 24, 1787
George Clinton Hathorn, b. July 24, 1787
Andrew Hathorn, b. May 17, 1789
Peter Townsend Hathorn, b. April 01, 1792
Richard Morris Hathorn, b. April 01, 1794

Welling ("Pioneer Farm") illustration from Beers' Atlas of Orange County 1875
Judge John Suffern
From the content of a letter written by Hathorn in 1814 we can tell that they were friends:
"A short time since I was informed that you had lost your companion. I sympathize in a loss, irreparable and which none can realize, but those that have experienced it, but it is our duty and privilege to yield with a becoming resignation to the will of that Being whose prerogative it only is to dispose of the creatures that he has made, according to his will and pleasure, and in this providence, however afflicting to the tenderness of humanity we believe it is right from an assurance that he cannot do wrong. On Sunday last, my daughter Hannah Jackson was interred after a short illness. My son Andrew is lying ill and wasting away gradually with a hectic complaint in all probability he will not continue long. "

Hathorn House
Built 1773, Hathorn Rd. Warwick
History of Hathorn House:
John Hathorn's Revolutionary Legacy webpage:
(no portrait exists-- this composite portrait done many years after his death by C. Brower Darst)
Home &
Family Places
Delaware, Elkton?(birth)
Philadelphia (education)
Warwick, NY (abt. 1770)
Military & Civil
George & Martha Washington
Traveled through Warwick many times and encamped with army here at least once
Oral tradition of Washington dining at Hathorn House and Martha's visit as recalled by Hathorn slave Serena
Has dinner with in 1780
Writes request to in 1782
Attends his inauguration 1789
John Adams & Other Founding Fathers
Knew many of the important figures of the day from serving in military & First and Fourth Congresses of the U.S.
Dined with John Adams in 1789: http://lgimages.s3.amazonaws.com/data/imagemanager/36340/adamsjohninvitation_1789aug21_masshistoricalsocietysepia.jpg
George Clinton
"The Father of New York State"
Governor of New York and U. S.Vice President under Jefferson & Madison
Correspondent, commander, and close associate
Joseph Sharp
Sharpsboro Forge
Hathorn was superintendent of the works and later executor for one of the partners. Joseph's wife Grace was a Quaker. Hathorn also operated his own forge at New Milford, NY. After 1774 the forge (which had been foreclosed on) was secretly used to make cannonballs for the British.
Oral tradition of having been
born at Elkton or Wilmington
Oral tradition of having been educated in Philadelphia.
Hudson River Strategic Points:
West Point
Fishkill Depot
Battle of Stony Point
The Highlands
Ramapo Pass
Sterling Forge
Delaware Frontier
Minisink Ford
The Battle for New York
The Battle of White Plains
New York City
King's Ferry
Harlem Heights
Sugar House (POWs)
New York City
Appointment by Provincial Congress 1776
Battle for New York
Attends first Legislature of the U.S.
Attends Washington's Inauguration at Federal Hall http://www.nps.gov/feha/index.htm
Kingston, New York
Meeting place for New York Provincial Congress
Meeting place for first Legislature of New York State
Albany, New York
Meeting place for treating with the Native Americans
Meeting place of the New York State Assembly
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Meeting place for U. S. Congress (Congress Hall & Independence Hall)
Arrival in Warwick
Arrives as a surveyor and schoolteacher
Establishes himself in community
Marries Elizabeth Welling
Builds house and begins family
Military and Government Appointments

Appointed Colonel of the Florida & Warwick Militia Regiment of Goshen Precinct
Corresponds with Clinton, the Committee of Safety, the NY Provincial Congress regarding organizing, supply, and deployment ot militia troops.
Son in law Hinchman foils plot to sell his valuable horse to loyalists.
Tories captured by his troops.
Election to the Assembly & the Great Chain
Elected to the first NYS Legislature
Served on commission to determine placement of the Great Chain
Great Chain forge at Sterling Iron Works in Warwick

Battle of Minisink & Fishkill Supply Depot
Commander of the Battle of Minisink
Commandant of the Fishkill Supply Depot
1780- 1784
Forfeitures and Assembly Speaker
In addition to military duties, serves as Commissioner of Forfeitures
Is elected Speaker of the House of the NYS Legislature in 1784
Indian Treaties & Inaugurations
Serves on commission to negotiate Indian treaties
Attends on balcony as Washington is inaugurated.
Other Objects
The World Of
General John Hathorn
Patriot & Statesman
Presented by Sue Gardner
Friends of Hathorn House
Warwick, NY
Click the arrows that appear when you point at the bottom of the screen to advance.
You may start at the beginning and view in order, or "zoom out" and begin with any facet you choose.
Letters: Lost & Found
Stories tell us that his family "accidentally" burned his carefully preserved papers after his death.
However, more than 53 letters, or transcriptions of letters, have been found to date by searching other archives.
Letters page: http://guides.rcls.org/c.php?g=128761&p=842059
Reports and Official Documents
Battle of Minisink Report: http://guides.rcls.org/c.php?g=128761&p=841428
Great Chain Report
Report on James Dean's correspondence with the Oneida Indians
Speeches given as speaker of the House of the NYS Legislature: http://guides.rcls.org/c.php?g=128761&p=842058
Speech given at the Battle of Minisink interment ceremony
Three of his books known to date:
The Family Bible (private collection)
His military manual (Warwick Historical Society)
Prayer book (Warwick Historical Society)
Favorite Chair
Ceremonial Pistols
Ceremonial Sword
The Great Chain

Start here
Government Places
The stone house built by the Hathorns was later renovated and enlarged by the Sanfords and Raynors
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