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Smart Searching

for better search results

Donna Saxby

on 31 October 2017

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Transcript of Smart Searching

smart searching - great googling
Stefan. The droids we're googling for. 23 July 2009. Flickr. N.p., n.d. Web. 17
Jan. 2011. <http://www.flickr.com/photos/49462908@N00/3951143570>.
"exact phrase"
-removing words
putting two or more words in quotation marks means google (or any other database) will look for the words together, which is useful when looking for...
names of people or places
lines of poetry
song lyrics
putting a - sign directly before a word will remove it from your results.
this is especially useful to get rid of shopping sites (use -£ or -$)
the search related:http://www.website.com will look for similar sites
this is useful for finding similar information sources and evaluating the original
adding filetype:pdf will search for pdfs, filetype:ppt will look for powerpoints
adding site:http://www.website.com will search for your term in only that website
handy when the website doesn't have it's own search box
useful when you're not looking for a conventional webpage
see more search options here
- organisation
- company (US)
- company
- university (US)
- university
- government
- school (US)
- school
do you know what these mean in a URL?
start with
what do I know?
what do I need to find out?
think about
key sources for your topic
searching allintitle:'your search terms' will search for your terms (or term) in the title of the page
great for narrowing down your results
searching allinurl:'your search terms' will search for your terms (or term) in the url of the page
good for specifying particular websites
adding OR between two terms, means Google will search for both
useful if your stopic has words with similar meanings
a search like this: 'first' AROUND(3) 'second' will look for the first word within 3 places of the second (note format)
good for narrowing down your results
use 'tools' to narrow your search
by place or time
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