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Customer service and relationship

No description

Martin Yu

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Customer service and relationship

Hinder ?
How Dunkin’ Donuts Builds
a Connected Brand with Social Media
和和The way social media hinders
Social Media can benefit, if..........
Have value and Mutual benefits

Customer centric

Refined on an ongoing basis

Put human face

Do not ignore the basic CRM functions
Help ?
Social Media Effect on the Development of Valuable Customer Relationship
by group 6
To get closer to customers is a top priority for all CEOs
Why do companies use social media?
Why do consumers use social media?
Interact with friends. More than 50% don’t even consider engaging with a brand online
Top Answer: Because they want to belong to a community
Bottom Answer: Because they want discounts or they want to purchase

Why do executives believe consumers engage with a brand online?
Why do consumers engage with a brand online?
Top 3 answers:
Get discounts, Purchasing and reading reviews
It will build loyalty!
How are social media going to help the business from the company’s point of view?
Do consumers think that online engaging builds loyalty?
The majority of consumers say they need to be passionate for the brand BEFORE engaging online.
Dell lies, Dell sucks
Understand Your Audience
Celebrate Fans – Online and Offline
The way Social Media helps
• Offers channels to
with customers
- Reply to feedback --> Care --> Trust
- Share valuable information
Explore New Platforms
The King of Content Wears a Smile
For Dunkin’ Donuts, social brand connectedness begins with understanding the behaviors of Dunkin’ Donuts guests
Dunkin’ Donuts celebrates in the online world the passion that its fans express both online and offline.
Dunkin’ Donuts always evaluates new platforms like Pinterest and figures out how to create the right experience for its audiences.
Content is King at Dunkin’ Donuts – and the king has style.
Visibility & Viral
Customers’ negative comments can be seen by others, shared several times in a short span of time

Comments are available online immediately
Lack of prompt feedback might be interpreted as company's lack of interest
Self -Promotion
Think social media, think promotion!
Thank you !
• Enables
interactions with customers
9 million fans
built a popular channel
launched a blog for fans
Dunkin’ app for IOS
Aim: Building a social brand
growing a highly engaged global community of Dunkin’ Donuts fans
Jeff Jarvis (Influential Blogger)
"I'd paid for home service but couldn't get it; Dell replaced half my machine but it still wouldn't work; my emails and entreaties went unnoticed ... and so did my blog posts."
FedEx-What are they doing?

Integrating across multiple functions
Being authentic

Delivering Excellence to their customers
Trying new things
FedEx-What did they do?

They did NOT ignore the video
Created their own video

Senior VP posted an apology on blog
PR crisis!!!
No prompt respond = Hotter social media flame
Connect anywhere at anytime

Open Access
Unable to distinguish between profitable and unprofitable customers
Eg: Luxury brand
Greenpeace VS Nestle
A social media firestorm!
Losing control...
Nestle deleted those angry comments on their Facebook sites = Additional backlash
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