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Dan B

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Flowcharting

Flowcharting Tutorial http://www.nos.org/htm/basic2.htm Educational Organization Suitability Aesthetics This website has a lot of useful information about flowcharting. Including the meaning of all the various symbols and the advantages of using a flowchart. There are also quite a few useful examples to help you understand how flowcharting works. The organization is quite well done, the website is divided into chapters and each is divided into parts, which makes it very readable. This site is very suitable for what we plan to do, as it explains, in good detail, everything we need to know about flowcharting. By:
Daniel & Austin Process Decision Document Data Start 1 Start 2

Predefined Stored Internal Sequential Direct Manual
Process Data Storage Data Data Input

Card Paper Tape Delay Display Manual Preparation

Parallel Loop Limit Terminator On-Page Off-Page Flowchart
Mode Reference Reference Shapes

Auto Height Dynamic Line Curve Control Annotation
Text Connector Connector Transfer The site isn't very aesthetically pleasing. It's only
some plain black text on a white background the
most visual thing done with this site is the odd
bolded text. The End
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