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All About Me: K-6 Portfolio

No description

Tim Hasiuk

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of All About Me: K-6 Portfolio

The items that students create and put into the portfolio are often referred to as artefacts.
The K-6 Portfolio focuses on the first two inquiry questions:

Students will document their learning as they explore these questions into an All About Me portfolio.
All About Me: K-6 Portfolio
All About Me
In that activity:

Was it difficult to remain silent and not interact?
Why was it important to not interrupt this type of sharing?

Challenge 1:
What Goes in it?
Challenge 2:
How do we store it?
The All About Me is expected to follow the student from K-6, growing each year. Keeping it intact and organized could quickly become a challenge.

The solution is to use a digital portfolio, or ePortfolio.
Uninterrupted Sharing
Form a group of 3 and designate each member as A, B or C.
Person A will use 1 minute to describe one of their artefacts, why they chose it, and how it relates to who they are. Both B and C must remain silent.
At the end of the time, B and C will have 1 minute to discuss and reflect on what person A said.
Repeat the process to allow B and C to share an artefact.
Table Groups
Like everything, there can be advantages and drawbacks associated with using an electronic portfolio.

With an elbow partner, create a list of benefits and limitations to an ePortfolio.
Who decides what goes in the portfolio?

What is the balance between student voice and teacher choice?
Group Discussion
Within your table group, discuss what factors will affect how you decide on the balance between student and teacher choice on portfolio objects.
On a sticky note, write down 3 artefacts (things you have created or done) that would help someone understand who you are.
The items that students create and put into the portfolio are often referred to as artefacts.
There are no restrictions on what can be considered an artefact. They range from meaningful images from the internet to work that the student takes pride in.
ePortfolio... now what?
As a board, we already have a curation tool for students' ePortfolios - Desire2Learn.

Our current project is to make D2L easy to access by having it automatically log in when a teacher or student logs into the board email.

All teachers and students already have access - follow the directions on the handout to try it!
This can create some challenges...
Expand the discussion to the full room - each table share their group's thoughts on balance.
As a table, concentrate on the limitations and whether there are ways to use technology to work through or around those limitations.
Share any limitation that couldn't be solved at your table with the full group - solutions?
Please go to the website bit.ly/ePortSurvey to provide feedback and any concerns you may have.
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