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All About ME


cameron Embury

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of All About ME

HEY IT'S ME Questioning me Physical
me I am 5'4"
12 years old
dark blond hair
brown eyes, peach skin
I am a funny person Creative me I like to play the bass and use my hands in building things Future me ? Mom Family and me Dad Mady different family pets I like sports and
being out side Relaxing me MY FRIEND QUINN
ALSO TV SHOWS What makes me laugh MY Biography thank you Hi, I'm Cameron's older sister Madison. I've known Cameron well since birth. Cameron is a kind, happy and out-going. He does great in school and on the soccer field he's one of a kind! I am happy that I have him as a brother but many of you may not know this but when Cameron was 5 weeks old he had a problem. His stomach muscle closed, meaning he was almost starving for anything. So Cameron had stomach surgery and lived. I am lucky to have a brother that has my back at all times and keeps me happy when I have a problem in my life. Especially being my brother he knows when I'm sad. I remember when we were kids and there was a gate going down to the stairs, Cameron would always climb and get over the gate. He is always so happy even when someone is rude he just ignores it and moves on. Even though he's younger than me , Cameron is my role model. He always pushes me to do my best!!!
Thanks for being so great,
MADISON EMBURY The End hi All About Me By Cameron
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