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RoadTrip Around The Country

No description

sarah malagon

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of RoadTrip Around The Country

what are we doing?
We are going to visit 5 different cities in the United States. We have chosen to visit The Grand Canyon in Arizona, Las Vegas in Nevada, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, Washington DC in Maryland/Virginia, and Orlando, Florida.
Grand Canyon:

Grand hotel $16,450

Las Vegas:

Signature at HGM $7,175
Mount Rushmore:

The Lodge $4,209
Washington DC:
The Jefferson $7,653.49

Florida Loews Royal Pacific Resort $5,025.96

Albuquerque Marriott $474.45
Hotel Terra Jackson Hole $339
French Lick Resort $1110.14
Embassy Suites Burmingham $993
Car Rental
Chevrolet Tahoe(the car we are driving)
-$4,419.89-26 gal of gas

Ford Mustang
-$5,567.47-16 gal of gas

Smart Car
-$3,439.09-8.70 gal of gas

Dodge Ram
- $1,780 -30 gal of gas

Jeep wrangler
- $2,085 -22 gal of gas
roadtrip around the country
stays in between
Grand Canyon
1 Day White Water Rafting
$490 per person from Flagstaff, Arizona.$3,666.70 in total
(tax included on all )

Canyon Vistas Ride for 1/2 Day
125.27 per person.$937.39 in total
Mule Rides/Bus rides from South Rim

Inner-Canyon 1/2 Day Trip to Supai Tunnel on the N. Kaibob Trail
$80 per person $598.64 in total
Mule Trip

Widkross Trail
10 mile/16km round trip
6 hour round trip.....HIKING.....
Las Vegas
1 day Neon Museum tour:
$18.oo per person
total of $186.oo w/ tax

Sky zone indoor trampoline park:
$26.oo per person for 2 hrs
total of $196.72 w/ tax

National atomic testing museum:
$22.oo per person
total of $154.oo w/ tax

Conservatory & Botanical Gardens at Bellagio:
$60 per person
total of $419.93 w/tax
South Dakota
15h,35 min 1033 miles
mount rushmore
Gas Prices
25h and 1634 miles
12h 18 min,856 miles
15h,22 min,1043 miles
4h,4min,270 miles
1. Grand Canyon
2. Las Vegas
3. Mount Rushmore
4. Washington D.C.
5. Orlando Resort

1. Grand Canyon
2. Las vegas
3. Mount Rushmore
$ 124.25
Grizzly Creek Restaurant:
Teddy's Deli:
Ruby House:
The Hay Adams:
Old Ebbitt Grill:

5. Orlando REsort
$ 124.25
Jersey Boardwalk pizza:
$80.46 (includes tax)
Olive Garden
$96.37 (includes tax and tip)
Chatham's Place Resaturant:

4. Washington D.C.
From Garland to Grand Canyon it is
When we get to Las Vegas we will get gas there for
On the way to Mount Rushmore we stop for gas for
and when we get there,it is
While going to Washington DC we stop for gas 2 times, one for
and the other for
.When we get to Washington DC we will refill for
To go to Florida we stop for gas for
and end at Garland with 4 gallons left.


m= 25g

16h,6 min,1084 miles
help me
$ 124.25
Lotus of Siam
$87.40 (already included tax and tip)

$29.27(already included tax)
Sarah and Alex want a chocolate shake
Mackenzie and Andy want a vanilla shake
Noemi wants strawberry shake
Yellowtail Bellagio
$1146.36(already included tax and tip)

Grand Canyon Diner:

Jimmy's Diner:
Switch Restaurants and Wine Bar
Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana
Simply Delicious Restaurant
Hickory's Smokehouse BBQ
Cottage Place
$ 225.39

Total Price:
Mammoth site of Hot Springs:
$16.22 per person
total of $113.54

Mount Rushmore & black hills tour
$93.35 per person
total of $653.45

Ziplining in Mount Rushmore:
$15 per person
total of $105

Aerial adventure park:
$39 per person

Alpine slide & Scenic chair lift
$12 per person
$9 per person
total for the whole day is $147
Washington dc
washington monument/
president Lincoln memorial/
George Washington Mount Vernon

National postal museum/
crime museum/
national spy museum

Capitol hill and DC monuments tour by electric car:
$46.99 per person
Total of $328.93

All loops tour 24 hrs.:
$48 per person
Total of $336

National air and space museum:
$17 per person
Total of $133.oo

Washington DC sunset cruise (includes dinner buffet) day trip:
$144.49 per person
Total of $801.43

Our Schedule for the Road Trip
$54 per person
Total of $378

Universal Studios Island of Adventure 2 days:
$111.25 per person
Total of $778.75

Dolphin Tours 1 day:
($55 per person)

Disney Park 1 Day:
$406.68 per person
Total of $1652.76

Orlando, Florida

Final cost
*thank you mr.president for the unlimited budget:)*
Total Price:
Total Price:
Total Price:
Total Price:
Total Price for Everything:
(Dramatic Gasp)
Mackenzie is driving 1st
Jon Michael drives second
Sarah is driving third
Noemi is driving 4th
, Andy drives 5th (he is the body guard),
Zach drive 6th
Alex drives last( he is the president)
Car Rental
Grand Canyon
Mount Rushmore
Las Vegas

Illuminati Confirmed!
By: Sarah, noemi, Mackenzie, andy, alex, jon-michael, ZAch
(played on google maps and looked at random cars!!!)

P.S All of these little drawings are a courtesy of Sarah, Mackenzie, and Alex
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