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Cell Analogy Project- Haunted House

No description

Gwen Gemmell

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Project- Haunted House

Rough ER and Smooth ER
Rough ER-the scary part of the house where all the monsters and customers go. This is like the Rough ER of an animal cell because it produces money to help pay to make the house walls old and rickety, like the Rough ER produces proteins that make up the cell membrane.
Smooth ER- the part of the house that doesn't have monsters, where scary props are made. It is like the Smooth ER of an animal cell because the Smooth ER doesn't have ribosomes, like the part of the part of the house that doesn't have monsters. It does, however, make scary props like the Smooth ER makes lipid molecules.
black cats that roam around the house,and produce fur balls. They are like the Mitochondria in a cell because they move around, like mitochondria carry out cell respiration, and they produce fur balls, like the mitochindria produce ATP molecules.
Golgi Apparatus
Ghost that packages candy for kids at the end of their stay. It is likee the golgi apparatus of a cell because it packages and gives out candy, like the golgi apparatus processes, packages, and secretes modified cell products.
creatures that carry out the scaring of kids, found in the part of the house where the scaring takes place. They are like the ribosomes of an animal cell because they carry out scaring, like ribosomes carry out protein synthesis and they are found in the part of the house where the scaring takes place, like ribosomes are found in the Rough ER
the walls of the house. The walls of the house are like the cytoskeleton because they maintain the shape of the house, like the cytoskeleton maintains the shape of the cell.
Nucleus, Nucleolus, Nuclear Envelope
nucleus- the office in the house that does the planning. It is like the nucleus of an animal cell because it contains information that is passed on from year to year (haunted house or from generation to generation)
nucleolus- the mastermind behind the haunted house. Is responsible for dressing up the "monsters and creatures" in costumes. It is like the nucleolus of a cell because the nucleolus produces subunits of ribosomes, and the mastermid prepares and makes the monsters that scare kids.
nuclear envelope- the walls of the office that keep out intruders. It is like the nuclear evelope of a cell because the office has double layered walls to prtoct it, like the double membrsne, and it has spikes o the door that scare aware anybody that mid have wandered towards it. This act like the pores that enclose the nucleus in the the nuclea membrane.
Cell Analogy Project- Haunted House
By Gwen Gemmell

Cilia and Flagella
the spooky bat in the house. It is like the peroxisome of a cell because it drinks blood, like the peroxisome breaks down fatty acids and it converts the blood into energy for itself, like the peroxisome converts the fatty acids into hydrogen peroxide water.
Mummies that roam around the house and divide up the rooms. They are like the centrioles of the cell because they divide up the rooms into where the customers can and can't go, like the centrioles help in cell division.
Witches broom that move about the house, sweep up messes, move customers along, and decorates the house with pumpkins. It is like the cilia and flagella of a cell because it moves about the house like the flagella move bacterium, it sweeps up the messes like the cilia sweeps up debris, and it decorates the house with pumpkins like the cilia moves eggs along the oviducts.
Monster in the basement that eats mice and even the walls of the house. It is like the lysosome of an animal cell because it eats mice and the walls of the house like the lysosome digests macromolecules and cell walls.
the paintings that hang on the walls of the house. It is like vacuoles in a cell because they give support to the house like the vacuoles give extra support to the cell and they are used to hide stuff behind them like the vacoules are used to store substances
Cell Membrane
the spell that is on the house that only allows certain things to come in. It is like the cell membrane of a cell because it only allows certain things through the door like the cell membrane only allows certain things in and out of a cell.
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