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Nacho Libre: A Hero's Journey

No description

Jacob Vital

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Nacho Libre: A Hero's Journey

Ignacio has always wanted to be a wrestler since he was a child.
Growing up in the church, wrestling was a sin.
However, he needed money to cook with fresh ingredients, and he got that by debuting in a wrestling match.
His mask and stretchy pants are disguises to keep the church from realizing he is the one fighting.
He met a man named Esqueleto and promised him money for sticking with him.
Chancho was an orphan who supported Nacho.
Encarnacion is new to the church, and believes actions are justified by a good cause.

Crossing the Threshold
Leader to the children.
Disrespected by other adults.

Nacho Libre: A Hero's Journey
Wrestling Career
His first fight is a loss, but he still receives money. He realizes wrestling is an efficient way to get money for the orphan's food. After multiple matches, he feels he can take on Ramses, the greatest luchador around.
Pursues his dream to become a wrestler.
He gets to help the orphans with the prize money.
Trials and Tribulations
The church does not want him to fight in the ring because it is a sin to wrestle.
After Fighting
He believes god's purpose for him is to help the children by wrestling.
Ramses Fight
Ramses signifies the unbeatable force, the "dragon of the fairy tail".
All hope seems lost for Ignacio, being pinned on the ground...
Ignacio, moments from loss, sees Encarnacion and the orphans cheering for him.

The Return
Ignacio returns to the church as an accepted member.

They realize he became a luchador to help the orphans, not gain fame.
Freedom to Live
Ignacio uses his prize money to buy a bus for the orphans.
He also develops a relationship with Encarnacion.
He draws motivation from this and overpowers Ramses, becoming a professional luchador.
by Tessa C. and Jacob V.
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