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Why Did Henry VIII Break from the Church in Rome?

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Izzy Ricotta

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Why Did Henry VIII Break from the Church in Rome?

Why Did Henry VIII Break from the Church in Rome?
Love <3
Wanted a son, needed a young wife.
Fell in love with another woman.
Anne Boleyn's strict rule-supporting her.
Money $
Church was richer- jealousy
Losing Money
Religion +
Falling Out with Pope
He disagreed with how things were done.
Closed down all monasteries on purpose make him angry.
He wanted a son to continue rein.
The Church was more powerful than Henry
The main reason why Henry VIII broke from Rome

To us 'Power' is the main reason why Henry broke from Rome because we believe in comparison with the others...
Love - Needed a Son
Money- Needed to be powerful to be rich
Religion- Needed to be powerful to start a new religion
Power has to do with whatever he wanted- greediness.

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