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Copy of SETnet Corporate

28th September 2012

Andy Craddock

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of SETnet Corporate

SETnet Global .......
the simple open network for Global Travel Trade. SETnet Global offers a new way to do business in the travel industry.
We connect suppliers offering direct trade rates to travel agents through a single contract
This significantly lowers distribution costs
We also automate the settlement process - simplifying your payments
You are really in control of your business SETnet Global offers Agents Direct Booking with Suppliers.

When you join SETnet, you book directly with suppliers at direct rates, putting you in control of the profit from your booking.
Since you are booking direct, you can improve on the margins/commissions than you would achieve using middlemen to facilitate the booking. SETnet Global offers Direct and Integrated Distribution & Payment Solutions For Suppliers.
You have a direct channel to travel agents worldwide through a single contract.
With a direct connection, you can offer attractive direct rates while maintaining more of your margin and control of your product. To create an open, online marketplace for the travel trade that connects buyers and suppliers, empowering them to do business in simpler and more efficient ways for improved revenue, profitability and control of their business. Our Mission We connect directly in to the Hotel/Chain CRS - to reduce distribution costs How does it work? Hotels can trade in their local currency and we 'translate' this for Travel Agents to make bookings in their domestic currency Or Bookings are completed via our portal or XML API. All financial transactions are recorded by SETnet and automatically settled. No Middle Men Global Settlement Thank you

For more information visit www.SETnetGlobal.com
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