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Permaculture Principles


Cindee Karns

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Permaculture Principles

Permaculture Ethics
The Earth is a living, breathing entity. Without ongoing care and nurturing there will be consequences too big to ignore.
We are provided with times of abundance which encourages us to share with others.
"Broadly, permaculture is an effort to reduce labor needed and energy consumed in all aspects of human endeavor so that scarce resources are used to their max and waste is absolutely minimized."
Information in this presentation provided by:
Presentation put together by the folks at the bioshelter.
Check our site for up-coming workshops
If people's needs are met in compassionate and simple ways, the environment surrounding them will prosper.

Permaculture has ethics and priciples?
I thought it was all about gardening?
Let's play---what principle could that be?
That's all for now!
Pictures were taken by Cindee Karns @ the Bioshelter and Jarod Mazurek in Homer at the 2010 PDC
Cindee Karns, presenter
Owner/Operator of the
Alaskan Bioshelter
It's the toolkit we need
To begin building a PERMANENT CULTURE
One that models nature!
One that is sustainable!
One that integrates humans successfully!
Earth Care
Fair Share
People Care
Get ready---there's a quiz at the end!
Living with Nature; Living in Balance
Eagle River, Alaska
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