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How to use Prezi as a learning tool

An exploration of two approaches to learning using Prezi

Phil Parker

on 22 June 2017

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Transcript of How to use Prezi as a learning tool

Before you set off on your learning journey,
How to use Prezi as a learning tool
The brain's two hemispheres serve different purposes which might affect how you learn.
In many people one hemisphere has more influence than the other
Which are you? A left or right hemisphere thinker?
Or are you able to use both hemispheres, you're not aware of any difference?
What's this
got to do with you?
HMS Knowledge Seeker
Prezi works the same way as your brain!
You can either follow the path, (the sequence laid out for you), or...
Or you can explore in an abstract way, looking for information and using it in your own way
How to explore in a Prezi
All journeys involve choices - look for signposts to help you on your way
Titles, captions and icons work like signposts
Look for tasks to complete that are linked to the section you've explored
Information surrounding the task is likely to meet your needs.
Who needs to carry out the task?
You, on your own?
In a team?
Rather than follow the path - clicking the arrow to move you on -
you can always go "off road"...
Explore the places that interest you or might provide the information you need
Take note of the time you've been given to carry out tasks!
When exploring it's easy to lose track of time -
right-brainers, take note!
Work out how many tasks need completing, divide them into the time available -
again, right-brainers be logical here!
Student Coaching
Be clear about your reason for using the Prezi!
What is your goal?
Keep the goal in mind all the time. Make sure you understand the purpose of the work
Is there a plenary for you to evaluate what you've learned?
If not, review it yourself.
If treasure is knowledge, there are two methods to find it...
You can follow the path that's been set out for you - or you can explore in your own way!
The left hemisphere uses logic and order to think.
Left brain learning
Left brainers like to see facts and will look for the way these facts are linked together - rather like making a chain.
Right-brain thinking uses emotions, feelings, intuition.
They don't like to be led and will find working in a sequence (like left brainers) to be stressful.
Right brainers are creative, artistic, they think and work in random, non-linear ways
Learning for right brainers is about finding out the knowledge for themselves. They like to be explorers.
The right hemisphere uses random and abstract thinking
How do YOU want to learn using Prezi?
Learn in an abstract random way?
Follow the path?
Use a linear approach to your learning?
Both methods will help you reach the treasure you seek - knowledge!
Working in a way which offers choices, interests and inspires.
A method which fits a personalised style of learning.
Finding information needed to complete a task
Seeing links to what is already known, or existing skills, to complete the task and see the bigger picture of learning
What is learning?
Have you ever thought about how your brain helps you learn?
Left brain thinking wants everything to be neatly organised
Information is set out in a logical way
Learning is done in a sequence
One point is introduced and learned
A second point builds on the first one
A third point is introduced to build on the others
Your task:
Explore the Prezi to help you understand how it can help you learn
Identify your kind of preferred learning
Investigate the benefits of this method of learning for you in other areas
Identify which TRIC skills are going to help your preferred method of learning
Think about how your brain works
Did you know it is divided into two "hemispheres" - which serve different purposes?
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