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Rostrum Records Social Media Manager Project

No description

Natalie Young

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Rostrum Records Social Media Manager Project

by Natalie Young
Social Media Manager Project
24 hours of social media
1. Create a flow of a variety of content
Connect to local fan base.
Build up hype about contests,
Get visual.
Integrate Instagram with Facebook to give fans frequent snap shots of the artist's life. Connect as people instead of just an unreachable, distant celebrity.
Engage fans by engaging
Start conversation. Asking questions in second person (are You going?) is powerful and a great way to speak directly to fans. While on tour, giving shout outs by location is important.
Other Ideas
Post lyrics and make relevant - "Ain't tryna get out of my bed till noon" ...Have you listened to Mac Miller yet this morning?"
YouTube channel promotion
Instagram contest (ex: snap an instagram pic that says 'Most Dope' - whether its written on a windshield, scribbled in a notebook, or drawn on the moon, the more creative, the better! Winner picked in a week and wins some kind of Mac swag)
Build hype about upcoming releases, videos, tour, merch
Tshirt design contest
Online live stream of interview (build up excitement for awhile)
"Ask Mac Anything" (ex: five questions picked to actually be answered)
Summary: get fans active!
= Loyalty.
to fans.
to them.
in response
to their interests.
Nat's Strategy:
next up:
a day of social media
step one: (on Facebook)

...because the tour is over now, and they need a fresh, fun picture
that shows their character. As a music fan, it means a lot to me
when I feel like I "know" an artist's personality, style, etc. I think
this is an aspect we could really explore with Donora.
"Donora updated their cover photo."
Post a variety of
relevant statuses
with different types of media (text, photos, videos, links) that
reveal the identity
of the artist.
Run entertaining contests that encourage the sharing of music.
Get the word OUT!
Let the fans know what the artists are up to.
React instantly to breaking news and fan feedback.
Asking questions includes the fan community in the dialogue.
Of course, encourage fans to listen to Donora's music. When it is featured online or on streaming services, tell the people!
There is still a lot of potential to discover with Spotify's apps... More on that later.
Enable fans to express themselves.
Important Trends
next up:
1. Mobile
2. Social
A recent study by Nielsen reported that over half of all American mobile subscribers now own smartphones. The need for people to have access to a variety of digital media at their fingertips is no longer a convenience, but an expectation. This is key to remember when designing and creating social media, because we have the ability to reach and engage consumers throughout their day - it just takes the right strategy to catch their attention.

Companies in the music industry have made tremendous strides recently to explore new possibilities with mobile technology. Streaming services like Spotify, Rdio, and Mog will continue to expand in popularity as the line between renting and owning music dissipates even further. Having access to basically an infinite library of music in a cloud-based library makes streaming services invaluable. There is still a lot of potential to discover with Spotify's apps. For example, Rostrum Records could have their own interactive app with playlists, lyrics, and information about artists. This would be meaningful in strengthening the label's name as a brand fans can trust for awesome music.

I'm also keeping my eye on Path, a beautifully designed social network that focuses solely on mobile platforms. Its emphasis on personal connections could be important to music discovery in the future because who else do you trust more for music recommendations than the people closest to you? I feel like a strong integration with music (such as Spotify) is an inevitable business choice for them. The mobile realm will continue to be explored in regards to music but it is clear that the key to success is the social aspect.
Music has always been a social experience, but I believe that now more than ever, it is imperative for people to feel personal connections with their friends and the artists they love. Turntable.fm is exciting for users because it is truly an
interactive experience
. The mobile app will rise in popularity as more people get hooked on the group listening (and curating) experience. Spotify's partnership with Facebook was key in allowing users to share playlists with friends. It is quickly changing the way people discover music.

I definitely see Facebook continuing to expand as the web's default sharing platform for new media. The next step for music is to
take understanding social data to a new level
. I think that sites like Klout, Peer Index, and Kred will become crucial tools to use to measure social influence. Analyzing this data will improve the management of fan relationships and the ability to create a
meaningful community
. We will learn more about hitting and reaching new audiences with relevant information. Instead of just focusing on recruiting a larger crowd of "likes" and "followers," I think that fan
is what ultimately increases attention on social platforms. Taking insight from the online buzz metrics will not only help increase the reach, but also the participation of fans. There will never be a static moment as people continue to change how they consume and interact with media online.
How are you going to keep Rostrum on the
of the social media landscape?

Seattle raised but moved to New York City to pursue studying music and business at NYU. Passionate, music loving, organized, creative thinker with just enough techy nerd skillz to enable your artists to create a huge social impact online.

The job sounds both challenging and rewarding, and I look forward to your decision. Thank you for your time.
About Me
Natalie Young
Several Other Ideas
While on tour, ask location-based questions "Can someone recommend a great burger spot in Boston?"
"Favorite Line?" (post link to song on YouTube)
Update DonoraMusic's YouTube channel, make dynamic playlist
"Fill in the blank" Facebook posts
Encourage fan ideas/feedback
Build hype for newly released content. If a new music video is coming out, make a short trailer or "behind the scenes" video with bloopers (like what is at the end of the "I Think I Like You Video," but in its own format so it can be promoted separately).
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