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Classical Music X Pop Music

No description

Luk Christie

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Classical Music X Pop Music

Classical Music
Pop Music

Milestone of crossing over
1970s the electronic synthesizers are popularized and expanded due to the maturation and advanced technology of production
significant in leading and starting to have more improvisation and crossing over between classics and pop on electronic devices
develop and expand to different kinds of crossing-over and fusion in different aspects and categories
Different Forms of Crossover
1) Classically Trained Performers play Pop Music

2) Pop Music Played by Classical Instruments

3) Classical Music Arranged to Pop Music

4) Classical Music Form Used in Pop Music

Introduction to Pop Music
genre: popular culture
length: short to medium
format: verse-chorus structure
Brief Introduction to Classical Music
Art music produced or rooted in the traditions of Western music
From 11th century to the present day
Between 1550 and 1900
known as the common practice period.
High Culture, High Art
Baroque, Classical, Romantic & Contemporary
With Different Music Forms and Genres
1. Brief Introduction to Classical Music

2. Brief Introduction to Pop Music

3. Milestone of Classical Music X Pop Music

4. Different Forms of Crossover

5. Examples of Classical X Pop Music in HK

6. Discussion
Baroque Period
Time Period : From 1600-1750

Greatest Features:
Continuous melody
Harpsichord & Pipe Organ

Famous Composers :
J.S. Bach
Classical Period
Time Period : About 1730 - 1820

Greatest Features :
Symmetrical Melody in balanced phrases
Dance rhythms favored

Famous Composers :
Time Period : 20th century - 21st century

Greatest Features :
Atonal Melodies
Beyond the Traditions

Famous Composers :
John Cage
Romantic Period
Time Period : late 18th century - 19th century

Greatest Features :
Expansive, singing melodies
Rhythmic diversity and elasticity
Sudden Dynamics

Famous Composers

Example of Classical Music
Johann Strauss, Kaiser Walzer, op.437
Often involve ...
rearrangement of music or form of present
keeping the strong beats in original song as background
Group or individual performance
Classically Trained Performers play Pop Music
David Garrett
Blue Men Group
Classical Music Arranged to Pop Music
the adaptation of a previously written musical composition for presentation

reharmonization, paraphrasing or development of the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic structure
Classical Music Genres used in Pop
There are many different Genres in Classical Music
e.g. Symphony, Concerto, Quartet, Sonata

Concerto :
-usually in three parts / movements
- one solo instrument is accompanied by an orchestra

Carmen : The Habanera
Original : The Opera " Carmen"
By Bizet
First performed in 1875
Romantic Period

Arrangement :
1. The Wild, Wild Rose (1960)
directed by Wang Tian-lin
sung by Grace Chang
2. resung by HK Pop Star Roman Tam (1988)
Grace Chang Version
- Keeps the story and melody line
- Changes the lyrics
- Orchestra into Jazz band

Roman Tam's Version
- Combination of the original and Grace
Chang's version
- Lyrics derived from Grace Chang version
- Orchestra as accompaniment
Canon in D
Original : Canon for 3 violins and basso continuo
Composed by Pachelbel
Baroque Period
Arrangements :
1. Aphrodite's Child "Rain & Tears" (1968)
2. Canon Rock by Jerry C (2005)
3. Canto-pop sung by Leon Lai (2005)
Rain & Tears
-main melody of Canon in D as background
-main melody of the song has been rephrased
-electric keyboard & electric guitar
Conon Rock
-keeps the main melody & structure
-ensemble of electric guitars & electric bass
-rephrased main melodic line
-keeps the most familiar part of the melody
Example in Classical X Pop
Concerto pour deux voix ( Voice Concerto)
Solo instrument : voices
Orchestra : String Orchestra + Female Voice Choir

Classical Elements : Classically trained vocalist
String Orchestra
Female Voice Choir
Pop Elements : Pop Singer
Drum Set
Electric Guitar
Examples of Classical X Pop Music in HK
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra has been doing cross-over with a lot of pop singer, such as, Hacken Lee, Jacky Cheung, Leehom Wang and Hins Cheung etc.
Jacky Cheung
In 1996, Jacky Cheung held 4 concerts directed by Yip Wing-sie with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra called, “Love and Symphony”

The concerts have taken a vital role in promoting music and classical music to teenagers at that time, as the popularity of Jacky Cheung.

Hacken Lee
In 2001, Hacken Lee held 4 concerts, called “HK Phil•Hacken Live”, and even added for 2 more concerts due to big hit of it. The live recoded CD and VCD had won the top ten sales awards in 2001.

Hacken Lee is one of the most successful singers in cross-over with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.
Classical - Pop
Switched-On Bach is a musical album by
Wendy Carlos
(originally released under the name of
Walter Carlos
) and Benjamin Folkman, released in March 1968 by Columbia Masterworks Records

500,000 copies!

Popularizing classical music performed on
electronic synthesizer
Moog synthesizer
in particular at that period.
David Garrett
Hooked on Classics
born in 1981
learned voilin at 4
studied violin at the Lübeck Conservatoire at 7
began working with the distinguished Polish violinist Ida Haendel by 12
The Hooked on Classics series, begun in the early
consisted of arrangements of classical favorites, usually orchestra
first introduced at the peak of disco era
Swinging Bach
Blue Men Group
An electrifying live concert
Bobbt Mcferrin is the improvisor who added the elements of swinging jazz with the classical music
featured Bach's masterpieces - Recorded live on July 28,
founded in 1987 by Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton
bald caps and uniform blue makeup
Pop Music Played by Classical
electric guitars
acoustic guitars
modern folk
T-Bone Walker - Stormy Monday Blues
Aston is an Australian classical pop group from Sydney formed in 2009
turning popular music into symphonic masterpieces

MayDay - You are Not Truly Happy
Rock - Heavy Metal
Advenged Sevenfold - Little Piece of Heaven
@The piano guys
American musical group
piano and cello as main instruments
improvising music with the element of the touch of specific instrument
gained popularity through YouTube
crossing over with pop songs
Billboard- the offcial U.K music charts
genre of recognizing
"classical crossover"
@Lindsay Strling
known as
"hip-hop violinist"
voted off 2010’s America’s Got Talent Season 5, at the quarter-finals
breaking down boundaries

become less elitist, more democritizing

more varieties, encourages improvising and modifying (popify or classicized)
channels for classical musicians to be more diversified

vice-versa to the pop music musicians to enter the classical world too

introduces classical music through pop songs form to younger generation
more profit-making in commercial world
non-qualified classicals musicians--> playing pop
destroying "classics" form of music
disunified the genre
unprofessional crossing-over?

commercialized instead of pursuing the goal of music fusion
e.g performers are with gimicks--
*: sexy and sensually attractive
lindsay stirling
* dance or music performance?
Discussion and Brainstorming
Is it a kind of commercial exploitation which become a way to maximize profit?
Do you like classics crossover and will you be more interested in classical music if you exposed to classics crossover?
Any more pros and cons that you can think of?
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