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Sofia Lopez

No description

Sofia Lopez

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Sofia Lopez

By: Sofia Lopez
4 A-day Who I am? I am A visual learner who understands better with any type of visual aids. I will take colorful notes and creating pictures of events that I study. I will also write down explanations and instructions. Learning Styles Dark brown hair Here I am About Me My family comes from Honduras and Nicaragua. My Heritage my name means lover of wisdom [: Sofia nice who I am the things I enjoy My Favorite Things I want to be a gynecologist. Changing Born on March 1st 1998 Age 14 Dark brown eyes Height 5'5 About Me I was born in Miami, Florida friendly caring tall outgoing i dont have a motto that i live by . funny I want to go to UF university of Florida Dad: Marcos Lopez My Family Mom: Carolina Cerrato Sister: Jennifer Aguilar Sister: Judith Ramos Sister: Adriana Lopez Brother: Alvaro Lopez Brother: Franklin Aguilar My siblings and I arent from the same dad nor mom. Neices And Nephew: Alvaro kids : Dominic & Angelica Adriana kids: Adrian, Abigial, & Alina Judith: Andrew Me last kids from both mom & dad By the time Im 25 I want to have two kids but first the boy. Jennifer: Sofia Gabriela
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