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Information and Persuasion

IWBAT compare and contrast informative and persuasive writing.

Nichole Behling

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Information and Persuasion

Informative Compare and Contrast Persuasive ? Like any crime, graffiti should be punishable Graffiti art should be taught at the community center to pull in kids. The History of Graffiti Laws about Graffiti ? Article A Article B Bell Work: Level Thirty
Daily Proofread 10 errors Informative and Persuasive Writing Lesson Objective I will be able to
compare and contrast
informative and persuasive
writing to determine purpose. Supporting Detail One Supporting Detail Three Supporting Detail Two Main Idea:
Illegal activity continues to darken the reputation of credible graffiti artists. http://www.goodgraffiti.org/ The word, "graffiti" originates from a Greek term meaning, "to write" which illustrates its initial purpose of communication. There is a thin line between graffiti as art and graffiti as vandalism. Sadly, the people who push the limits and break the law are ruining the commercial chances that exist for artists that take the right path. Despite the rising value recognized in many forms of graffiti, street gangs and illegal activity continually darken its reputation. "The Struggle Graffiti Artists Face" What else can be explained about this topic? "Support Local Graffiti Artists" Main Idea: The city should provide
local graffiti artists with a sanctioned art wall to lower crime rates. Supporting Detail One Supporting Detail Two Supporting Detail Three The community will change their mind about graffiti if they offer artists a public art wall to decorate. Once every six months the artists will clear the wall to keep an open canvas. If vandalism crime rates do not go down in the first year, the organization for urban art will reimburse all the money that the city spent on the wall. What else can you persuade someone to do or think about this topic? Compare and contrast two articles by summarizing their purpose (m.i./s.d.): to persuade or to inform. D.O.L. Other Examples Writer Four Is now Writer One Other Examples http://www.laculturecritique.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Banksy-graffiti-quote.jpg "Grafiti is 1 of the few tools available if you has close to nothing. Even if you dont come up with an picture to cure poverty you can make some one smile when their least expecting it

-Banksy " "Graffiti is one of the few tools available if you have close to nothing . Even if you don't come up with a picture to cure poverty, you can make someone smile when they're least expecting it."


Bell Work: Level Thirty-One informative writing and persuasive writing Assign Group Topics Materials Check Graphic Organizer
Article A (four copies)
Article B (four copies)
Example Order Cards (1-15)
15 Blank Note Cards
Blue Presenter Paper
3 to Read Each Person Picks a Marker

Deal Out the Cards Equally

Choose Writer One - Four You will use this marker for the entire project. or as close as possible Writer One -
Label: Card One
Write Topic

Writer Two - Four
Label: Cards Two-Four
Write Three Supporting Details Each Person Adds One

Example of other information about this topic. *Look back to the example I walked you through yesterday if you need help. 3 to Read Writer One -
Label: Card One
Write Topic

Writer Two - Four
Label: Cards Two-Four
Write Three Supporting Details Each Person Adds One

Example of other information about this topic. *Look back to the example I walked you through yesterday if you need help. Finalize: Tape each card into a permanent place
on a blue piece of presenters paper. Be Tape-Friendly Summarize Directions: Using the main idea and supporting details from your chart summarize each article in separate paragraphs. First sentence of your paragraphs:

The author informs the audience about ______________________

The author persuade the audience to ________________________ Swap rotate two groups
to the left Pollution is a Global Killer

Pollution likely affects over a billion people around the world, with millions poisoned and killed each year. The World Heath Organization estimates that 25 percent of all deaths in the developing world are directly attributable to environmental factor.1 Some researchers estimate that exposure to pollution causes 40 percent of deaths annually. Pollution is Regarded as a Major (and quickly emerging) Factor in Disease People affected by pollution problems are much more susceptible to contracting other diseases. Others have impaired neurological development, damaged immune systems, and long-term health problems. Article A We ask that you make a pledge to this City, your neighbors, and friends. We ask you to help YOUR city to save on landfill costs. We ask that you pledge to start recycling program in your home or business... TODAY!In return for this pledge, to get recycling started in your home, the City will provide you with one (1) roll of BLUE
recycling bags for the price of $2.00, currently sold at CityHall (108 E Main Street) for the regular price of $4.25 ... A saving of $2.25.

Start RECYCLING today!

I pledge to become an participant in the City of Colorado Springs Recycling program. I will consider the environmental and economic impact of my daily decisions and
make every effort to reduce my individual footprint. I will also share my individual and family efforts with others. Furthermore, I pledge to use the recycling knowledge I gain, to improve OUR City in which I live, learn, and work. Article B
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