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Copy of POW TIDE

No description

Amy Chodniewicz

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of POW TIDE

- Introductory Paragraph
- Body paragraphs with logical sequence (TIDELL)
- Conclusion Paragraph

You should use prewriting strategies to organize your paper. For example, fill in a graphic organizer with your ideas.
Write a comparison-contast essay in which you identify the similarities and differences between two literary texts.

What is this prompt asking you to do?

Let's break it down...
Pull apart the prompt
A method of organizing writing. POW TIDE-LL will be used in all of your classes this year.
What is POW TIDE-LL?
Pull apart the prompt

Topic introduction
Important evidence
Detailed examination
What does POW TIDE-LL mean?

Time to write your essay!
Topic Introduction in the introductory paragraph
Each body paragraph
What does important evidence and detailed examination look like?
Conclusion Paragraph
- Start with a hook!

-Begin the opening paragraph with a few sentences containing background information about your topic.

- Place the thesis statement in this first paragraph.

- Continue your introduction by acquainting your audience with the major points of your paper, in the order they will appear.

T: Topic sentence to introduce your main point.
I: Important evidence from the text
D: Detailed examination of the important evidence
E: End your paragraph
L: Links (check for transition words)
L: Language (check for appropriate vocabulary/word choice)

Wrap up your essay with a conclusion that summarizes your main points.
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