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4/5/6A Learning Community

No description

Seaneen Watts

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of 4/5/6A Learning Community

Message from Miss Watts
It's been such an awesome start to 2014 in 4/5/6A. I am so excited to have such an enthusiastic community of learners who are becoming such wonderful leaders at Dinjerra. The students would love to share some of the things they are enjoy about their learning~ Miss Watts
Reading in different places .
In the corner.
Reading time
On the couch.
In Grade 4/5/6A we really value our reading time. We give each other space and read silently so we are doing our best learning.

"Reading is amazing because you read about things you can only imagine"- Abigail
Independent readers
"I really enjoy reading."- Ayse
"I'm enjoying reading this year."-Mai
"I enjoy reading new stuff."- Sabrina
"I love reading at school."- Rozina
"I like reading."- Jessica
Quiet reading
Leadership is awesome fun!
"I enjoyed the first day of Leadership"- Chosyn
"I liked Leadership"- Jonah
"Ive really enjoyed Leadership with Cale and Collette"- Danny
Maths fans!
"I enjoy learning my Maths"- Eva
"I like Maths"- Tito
"I like doing things with numbers"- Lydia
"I enjoy Maths"- Branden
Writing lets us express ourselves!
"I have enjoyed writing"-Vina
"I have loved doing writing"- Kelly
"I really like to do writing best"- Dawt Chin Sung
Working together
"I like how fast I've communicated with people I didn't know"-Leena
"I enjoy DPS because I help people and make lots of friends"- Cheryl
"I enjoy playing and learning"- Elisha
"i enjoy coming back to school"- Andrew
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