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Self-Presentation for Success

No description

Frank van Bommel

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Self-Presentation for Success

What are companies looking for?
First things first
First impressions last
Do you have any questions?
Have a few questions about:

the role

the team and targets

the reporting lines

the company and culture
Your questions
Please, tell us something. about..
Your career so far - know your own CV!
Reasons for applying
General career goals
Strengths and weaknesses

Your experience
How it might be relevant
Main achievements

Your understanding of the job
Key responsibilities
Skills required

Your understanding of the company
Main activities
Place in the market
Anticipate questions
Self-Presentation for Success
Stand Out Positively in Job Interviews
Frank van Bommel

Remember the goal
Most of all, be...
You are
Do you have any questions?
Your questions

interrupt to ask your questions;

ask questions already covered in the interview or on the website;

ask about salary in the first interview;

chit-chat or ask personal questions

ask 200 questions.
Be on time

Smile and look confident

Shake hands

Keep reasonable eye contact

Be aware of body language

Speak up!

Dress appropriately
Thank you for your attention, and good luck in your career!
Eager to learn

Enjoy being with people

Assertive and constructive

Ambitious in reaching goals

Flexible to adapt to changing priorities
The interviewer's
to find out
if you are suitable
for the position
Your chance
to see
if the job and the company
meet your expectations
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