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College Project

No description

Julie Nguyen

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of College Project

College Project Julie Nguyen
March 26, 2013
Period 6 University of Pennsylvania History Founded in 1740 when George Whitefield constructed a building in Philadelphia. It was designed as a charity school; everything went good, but the cost was greater than the amount of available sources, so it was unfinished for a decade. Tuition Tuition per year: $39,088 Admission Engineering applicants are recommended to choose the highest levels of physics and calculus. Wharton applicants are encouraged to to take the highest levels of calculus. Nursing applicants are advised to pursue a strong preparation in science. Academics SAT
Reading: 680-770
Math: 700-790
Writing: 690-780
ACT: 30-34 Test Scores: High School GPA: Essay: College of Arts and Sciences, School of Wharton, College of Engineering, School of Nursing are available for undergraduates each with different categories of majors. Ranks at number eight in the nation and the school of dentistry is in the top ten. http://www.unm.edu/ History Founded in 1889 as New Mexico's flagship institution. Tuition Tuition per year: $19,074.00 Admission Four units of English and mathematics. Two units of a single language other than English. Academics Test Scores: ACT: 18-29+
SAT: 860-1280+ High School GPA: 2.4+ Essay: No Programs Electrical and computer engineer Miscellaneous: School of medicine is ranked 28th. Fine Arts is 50th. Engineering is 85th. History Named for Augustus Juilliard, a wealthy textile merchant whose goal was to establish the Juilliard Graduate School in 1924. In 1926, it merged with the Institute of Musical Art to become the Juilliard School of Music. Founded by Dr. Frank Damrosch in 1905 as the Institute of Musical Art. William Schuman expanded the establishment with a Dance Division, and later Drama Division; new courses has been added to strengthen the curriculum. The school has been moved over the past couple years due to its expanding number of students and expansion and renovation of facilities. Juilliard Tuition Tuition per year: $35, 140 Academics Test Scores: ACT: N/A
SAT: N/A Essay: Yes High School Courses: N/A (required to have sufficient training). Programs Dance Drama Music Miscellaneous Alumnae won more than:
105 Grammy Awards
62 Tony Awards
47 Emmy Awards
26 Bessie Awards
24 Academy Awards
16 Pulitzer Awards
12 Medals for the Arts Social Life Local Interests Lincoln Center Theater New York Philharmonic New York City Ballet Jazz at Lincoln Center Metropolitan Opera Statue of Liberty Central Park Times Square Brooklyn Bridge Empire State Building Basketball Cross Country/Track Skiing Tennis Volleyball Sports Popejoy Hall UNM Golf Course Football Baseball Soccer Swimming Softball Organizations/Clubs Engineering Gaming Advertising Business Etc. Local Interests Duck Pond Cliffs Santa Fe Sandia Peak Tramway Benjamin Franklin purchased the property in 1749 and took responsibility of the educational programs. In 1751 the school opened for children of the gentry and common people. UPenn established the first medical school in the American colonies in 1765 and became the first American institution of higher education to be named a university. Penn developed ENIAC, the world's first electronic, large-scale, general-purpose computer. Since 1923, more than a dozen Penn scholars have been awarded the Nobel Prize. Admission High school diploma, reference letters, and auditioning. Social Life Sports -Aikido
-Curling -Cycling
-Golf -Lacrosse
-Ping pong
-Skiing -Squash
-Tae Kwan Do
-Water polo Eligibility All can join along with maintaining a good GPA. Institute of Contemporary Art Museum of Archaeology Annenberg Center Local Interests Citizens Bank Park Museum of Art Independence Visitor Center Morris Arboreteum Botanical Garden Downtown NM Isotopes Baseball Games Requirements: GPA of 2.4 or higher and tryout for sports. Got the nickame 'Lobo' by George S. Bryan; Spanish word for wolf. School of law is 79th. Nationally Music Architecture The UNM Fight Song was written in 1930 as the tune of UNM and did not change since then. School colors are cherry and silver. Cherry, the color of he Sandia sunset — silver, the thought of the Rio Grand resembling a silver ribbon winding through the valley. Three units of social science and physical science. "The lobo is cunning, feared for his prowess, and is the leader of the pack." Yes 3.8+ Programs: Miscellaneous:
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