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Chinese Myths Of Creation

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Nagrom Nurbel

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Chinese Myths Of Creation

Chinese Myths Of Creation
Myths about how the Chinese believe the world was created

Chinese believe that the gods taught them everything
How It All Started
The universe = egg shaped cloud of mist

Two forces emerged

Female = Yin

Male = Yang

Together they had Pangu the dragon

Pangu broke the egg shaped mist
Male force became the sky

Female force became the earth

As Pangu grew he pushed his mother and father or the earth and sky apart

Pangu died and his body parts became land forms

Pangu became the universe

He made the world ready for people to live on it
Pangu's Body Parts
Eyes = Moon and Sun
Voice = thunder and lightning
Bones = rivers
Blood = water in rivers, oceans, and lakes
Arms and legs = mountains
Hair on head = stars
Skin = soil
Hair on body = grass, flowers, and trees
Teeth = diamonds
Breath = wind and clouds
After separation of earth and sky the earth spirits moved up into the sky
They became the first gods
They divided the universe into empires and elements
Each god created their own empire
Each god controlled one of the five elements
The Central Emperor
Other name = Xuan Yuan
He had four faces
Could see in all directions
Emperor of yellow earth
Known as Yellow Emperor
Servant = Earth Spirit
Guarder = Yellow Dragon
Chinese consider themselves descendants of Yellow Emperor
The Southern Emperor
Other name = Shennong
Xuan Yuan's older brother
Controls fire and summer
Known as Red Emperor or Blazing Emperor
Servant = Fire Spirit
Guarder= Fire Bird
Chinese also consider themselves descendents of Red Emperor
Shows How To Grow Food
Gods never suffer from hunger

Humans have trouble finding food

Southern Emperor decided to help

He taught how to grow food

He didn't know which plants were poisonous and which weren't
Chinese Myths of Creation
By Morgan LeBrun
Tasted every plant
Made list of the safe ones
Invented magic whip to help him
Whip could tell if a plant was safe by touching it
Taught people how to plow, sow, and harvest
Central Emperor was impressed
Added his own gift
Golden wheat
Resulted in golden harvests, provided food, and was stored through the winter
The Western Emperor
The Emperors' Homeland
The Emperors lived in the heavens
They rarely ever visit Earth
On earth they live on Kunlun Mountain
Magical Mountain
Monster with nine heads guards it
Many magical plants and creatures thrive on mountain
It was here that they would create and teach mankind
The Eastern Emperor
Other name = Fushi

Controlled spring

Known as Blue Emperor

Servant = Spirit of Wood

Guarder = Blue Dragon

Zhang, Song. The Five Heavenly Emperors.
Hong Kong: South China Printing, 1994. Print.

(Photos were scanned from this book)

Any Questions?
My Object
As my object I made a model magic diorama of Pangu pushing the earth and the sky apart as he grew taller

Twisted wire
Covered the wire with model magic
Shaped the model magic into the postion that I wanted it in
Let it dry
Hot glued the model magic to my base
(The base was cardboard with toilet paper and model magic on top of the toilet paper)
Let it dry
And a diorama of Pangu was born

It was a hard task but I had a lot of fun creating it
Other name = Shao Xu

Controlled fall

Known as White Emperor

Servant = Spirit of Gold

Guarder = White Tiger
The Northern Emperor
Other name = Zhuan Xu
Controlled winter
Known as Black Emperor
Northern skies are
always black
Servant = Water Spirit
Guarder = Half Turtle, Half Snake Creature
Fushi Explains The Universe
Fushi was a people helper

He wanted to understand and explain the laws that ruled the universe

Became the greatest gift to mankind

Listened to the sounds coming from the earth

Found secret to existence
He drew a map to explain the secret of existence

Egg shape in center = Taichi = universe

Black and white halves = Yin and Yang

Stand for female and male forces that control human existence

Every human has both Yin and Yang within

Happiness depends on their perfect balance
The 8 symbols around the Taichi are called Ba Gua

Each symbol stands for one part of laws that control the universe

They tell us what happened in history and what will happen in the future

Fushi's map remains a mystery to this day
I believe that my project shows how the chinese use stories and myths to explain their view or beliefs on how the world was before they were to walk on it

I believe that it also shows the differences from American beliefs to Chinese beliefs
Model Magic
Toilet Paper
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