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Informative Presentation 2012-2

Three strong animals

Seung-jin Baek

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Informative Presentation 2012-2

3 animals
3 different environments THE STRONG ANIMALS One of the BIGGEST Bird Length : 84~97CM

Width : 1.8~2.3 M A GOLDEN EAGLE Korean name : A SWORD EAGLE
(like a falling sword) A sheep / A squirrel / A dear
Other birds / A fox / A wolf
Even a small bear http://www.nabeeya.net/nabee/view.html?loc=%EC%8B%A0%EA%B0%84&type=review&cat1=52&cat2=67&cidx=2569 Resources 1. 2. http://www.kidjob.kr/shop/shopdetail.html?branduid=12519&xcode=031&mcode=073&scode=&type=X&search=&sort=price http://ibc.lynxeds.com/photo/golden-eagle-aquila-chrysaetos/checking-visibility-roost-2-kms-down-valley-blizzard-starts-blo 3. http://www.manausa.com/buy-a-home-golden-eagle-plantation/ 4. 5. http://pinn.tistory.com/entry/%EA%B2%80%EB%8F%85%EC%88%98%EB%A6%AC-Golden-Eagle 1. 1. 2. The Highest Predator 6. http://dyatrima.blog.me/70085091879 in the food pyramid 3. An Incredible Vision *EAGLE EYE :
They can 'zoom' in and out 2012310214
Baek Seung-jin SKY LAND SEA 2. AN AFRICAN ELEPHANT 1. 2. 3. The Biggest animal on the land http://cafe.naver.com/hoeggam77/56389 7. *Weight : 5~7 t really strong It can pull the big tree out by nose Many Weapons http://ecotopia.hani.co.kr/60575 8. Ivory : Penetrate the enemy Nose : Swing it - Break the bone Legs : Kick or trample http://www.yunphoto.net/ko/photobase/hr/hr5950.html Smart and destructive (This is an 'Indian elephant..) 9. http://blog.daum.net/iwchon/7093500 3. A KILLER WHALE 1. 2. 3. Smartest (IQ = 90 ) Promise
Dialect *Social Behavior Fastest, Strongest http://killerwhalefacts.info/ 10. *They do not
attack humans 11. http://nbamania.com/g2/bbs/board.php?bo_table=freetalk&wr_id=695734 One of the fastest swimmer
One of the most powerful hunter It is big, too. 12. http://vivaluce.blog.me/100139746677 http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=football_new4&no=2733281 HOWEVER,
in reality,

DOMINATES ALL ! Human SKY LAND SEA Orcinus Orca : the one who causes the death WHAT A FANTASTIC WORLD !
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