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No description

enad diaz

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Automation

OBIS Outstanding
SOFTWARE Gusto mo bang
makatipid at
kumita?! If your answer is YES!!! Introducing!!! Outstanding
SOFTWARE OBIS 80% Jobs Easier How does it help you??? I.T. Provides Convenience Reducing 80% of workload Savings Up to P 300,000.00 Extra Income EARN up to of Subscription 75% Convenience Let's compare! MANUAL SYSTEM
AUTOMATED SYSTEM Convenience Quick Graphical
Comparison Fill-out Students Information
Student Assessment
Student Enrollment
Picture Taking for ID Normal Work Flow Manual
Automated 20 - 30 minutes < 5 minutes * Automation Advantage Enrollment Process Convenience Quick Graphical
Comparison Normal Work Flow Issue OR/PR
Update Student Ledger
Issue Exam Permit
Update Exam Permit Listing
Update Collection Report
Update Cash Receipt Book Payment Transaction Manual
Automated * Automation Advantage > 15 minutes < 2 minutes Convenience Quick Graphical
Comparison Normal Work Flow Dirty Class Records
Clean Class Records
Grading Sheet
Master Sheet
Report Card
Permanent Records
Reports on Promotions
Various DepEd Reports Academic Reports Manual
Automated 3 - 15 days < 30 minutes * Automation Advantage Convenience Quick Graphical
Comparison Normal Work Flow Good Moral Certification
Statistical Data
Promissory Notes
Other DepEd Reports
Various School Forms Administrative Reports Manual

Automated * Automation Advantage 30 minutes to 1 hour < 5 minutes Savings Save and Earn
Out of Automation Savings Built-in Forms Official Receipt
Statement of Accounts
Examination Permits
Enrollment Form
Assessment Form
Student Information Sheet
And a lot more e-SCHOOL AUTOMATED SOFTWARE is capable
of producing all of the forms above. Office Supply Est. Savings
per year Savings No Overtime and Extended Work Form 18-E - ready to print
Report Card - ready to print
Permanent Records - ready to print
SOA - ready to print
Examination Permit - automatic printing upon full payment of due accounts with eSCHOOL AUTOMATED SOFTWARE, employees will no longer be required to work extra time since all important reports and data are readily available. No Overtime and
Extended work est. savings

per year 100,000 Savings Increase Personnel
Efficiency Employees will be more productive
Guided by a tested system
Teachers will have more time to study their lessons
Employees can do more in less time with eSCHOOL AUTOMATED SOFTWARE, redundancy of work can be eliminated Est. savings

Per Year 200,000 Savings Automated Student I.D. System Saves up to Php 75 per student per year
No need to wait for several months to complete the ID.
Readily available for printing upon enrollment ID design can be customized for only P3,000 Est. Savings

per year 18,750 Extra
Income 75% income Suggested Annual Automation Charge: Php 500 / annum Sample
Computation No. of Students :
Annual Subscription :
Php 500
Php 250,000 Projected Collectibles :
Subscription (500x*15x12) :

Php 90,000
Php 160,000 Income may
depending on
the amount of
charges to the
Parents *3-module package Savings Savings Amount Office Supplies
Overtime & Extra Work
Maximized Employees
Contractor's Fee for ID Printing
Automation Charge 15,000
250,000 Total 583,750/YEAR Our Products Php 7/stud Admin Management System UNIQUE ADVANTAGES:
Unlimited student information.
Over 50 simplified reports useful for decision
Flexible assessment and discounting options.
Generates printable ID.
Built-in ledger & history of payments.
Built-in examination permit
Built-in Statement of Accounts
Send Electronic Billing via SMS
Send Electronic Receipt via SMS
Electronic Bulletin Board
Employees and Students’ Attendance via SMS Php 5/stud Grading System UNIQUE ADVANTAGES:
Send-out Grades to Parents via SMS
DepEd’s K-12 Compliant
Excel importable form for external encoding.
Grades encoding can be done even off campus
User-friendly layout
Flexible Report Cards
Auto-Permanent Records Generation
Auto-Report on Promotions Generation
Over 20 academic related reports
Generate printable diploma. Php 5/stud. eTXT Messaging System UNIQUE ADVANTAGES:
Link to Admin and Grading Database
Send student’s daily attendance via SMS
Send students’ grades via SMS
Send electronic SOA & receipts via SMS
Advanced Typhoon notification via SMS
School Advisories via SMS
Send-out teachers’ attendance report via SMS
Unlimited text School Events
Meetings Polls & Survey Accomplishments
News Birthdays Grades per subject Emergencies
Typhoon Signal Electronic billing
Payment confirmation
Payment Reminders Attendance Report
(Ingress & Egress) eTXT MESSAGING SYSTEM
Capabilities & Features HARDWARE INVESTMENT (ONE-TIME ONLY) Note: Minimum subscription contract is 5 years 2.5M
in 5 years How much is your Savings & Income? Gross: 583,750/annum
Net: 493,750/annum SUMMARY Thank you and
God bless you more… Hurry up and grab our offer now! Don’t get behind the competition! OBIS Outgoing Business Innovation Solutions
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